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The Sixth Annual In2:InThinking Network Forum

Passion Flowing In2 Purposeful Action -
Unleashing the Power of Us

April 12-17, 2007 in Los Angeles, California, USA

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About Our 2007 Forum

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Where Will We Be?
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About Our 2007 Forum
Our Sixth Annual Forum, themed Passion Flowing In2 Purposeful Action - Unleashing the Power of Us, continues to expand "thinking about thinking", raising the consciousness of better thinking in individuals and organizations. In addition, we are partnering with Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne to offer pre- and post-conference seminars and workshops. Our 2007 Forum aims to promote an environment where compelling ideas and insights will evolve from an exposure to new thoughts, and inthinking colleagues. (And these ideas and insights may lead you in untold exciting directions in your work and life after the Forum.) (to top)

Should You Attend?
Anyone interested in improving the effectiveness of individuals and or­ganizations will gain a deeper appreciation of leadership from this Forum. Past attendees reflect a wide variation in backgrounds - which is always a highlight of our event - and as such we have confidence that our program will continue to be valuable to anyone interested in "better thinking about thinking." If you, however, would like to get a "running start" on InThinking and other associated ideas, please inquire with Bill Bellows about attending an "Enterprise Thinking" seminar offered throughout the year at a variety of locations across the U.S. and U.K.. (to top)

Forum Materials
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2007 Forum - Pre- and Post-Conference Seminars and Workshops
(Weekday Events at Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne)
Annie Barron - The Four Layers of Agreement
Bill Bellows - Enterprise Thinking
Jon Bergstrom - You're the Change Agent
Kim Carrell and Scott Lennox - A Systems Approach to Organizational and Personal Stress Reduction
Dale Deardorff - Interconnecting Thinking to Action: de Bono's Six Action Shoes
Micah Fierstein - Mind Grease - The DNA of Reinventing School & Organizations
Tim Higgins - InThinking With Purposeful Tools and Techniques
Jeff Kincaid and Kiho Sohn - Systems Perspectives on Knowledge Management and Innovation
Joe Onstott - Enterprise Thinking and Purposeful Action
Andrew Johnson - Untying the Knot to Creativity Beyond Thought
Rick Ladd, Ann Majchrzak, and Phil More - Entering the Holodeck: Tools and Knowledge-Sharing
Lyn Wiltse - Facilitating Agreement

2007 Forum - Conference Presentations (Weekend Events at the Hilton)

Micah Fierstein - Mindful Learning: When Practice Makes Imperfect - FINAL
Tracy Huston - Generating the Collective Will to Create the Future We Want - FINAL
Ann Majchrzak - The Passion of Collective Wisdom - FINAL
Paul Morgan - Which Way Ought I to Go From Here? - FINAL
Joseph Parent - Believe You Belong: Inspiring Fearless Confidence - FINAL
John Pourdehnad - The Devil is Not in the Details - FINAL
Bob Pratt - Transforming Your Neighborhood and Work - From the Inside Out - FINAL
Sheldon Rovin - Boundary-less Thinking (There are boundaries, but most often
they come from you)
Lyn Wiltse - Exploring Leadership From the Inside Out - FINAL
Tony Wrice - Up With Hope - FINAL

Where Will We Be?
The Forum will take place in Los Angeles, California, USA, in the Canoga Park/Woodland Hills area of the San Fernando Valley. Pre- and post-conference activities (seminars and workshops) will take place on Thursday, April 12th, and Friday, April 13th, and on Monday, April 16th, and Tuesday, April 17th, at United Technologies' Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's offices at 6633 Canoga Avenue in Canoga Park. Conference activities will begin on Friday afternoon at 4:00pm and extend through Sunday at 12:00pm – all to be held at the nearby Hilton Woodland Hills (6360 Canoga Avenue, Woodland Hills). View the map. The hotel is an easy walk from the Rocketdyne site, where Forum attendees are welcome to park for free.

Local Transportation Options
From Bob Hope Airport in Burbank (BUR) to the Hilton Woodland Hills (18 miles) we suggest using a taxi.

From Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to the Hilton Woodland Hills (27 miles) we suggest the "Van Nuys Flyaway" bus service at LAX to get to Van Nuys.    No reservations are needed.  $6 for a round trip ticket and $3.50 for one-way.   Look for the bus at under the green overhead signs ("Buses and Long Distance Vans") at curbside at LAX.   They arrive every 30 minutes.    Use a taxi from there to get to the Hilton, which is about 15 minutes away (west).

Forum Hotel
Rooms at the Hilton Woodland Hills have been reserved for Forum attendees at the group rate of $109 per night on Thursday (April 12), Friday (April 13), and Saturday (April 14) nights, and $139 for Wednesday (April 11), Sunday (April 15), and Monday (April 16) nights, plus 14% tax. In addition, concierge rooms are available for $149 per night plus tax. To make reservations at the group rate, please call 818-595-1000 (can also make reservations at 800-HILTONS or www.woodlandhills.hilton.com and use the group code "IN2" to get the lower rate) before March 22nd, and state that you are attending the "In2:InThinking" event.

Alternate Lodging Options
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about other lodging options, things to do and see in Los Angeles (beaches, hiking, movie studios, shop­ping, etc.), or have any questions about anything else. (to top)

To find out more about Forum scholarships in 2007, please click here.
The application deadline for all 2007 Forum scholarships is March 29th.

The cost of the Forum is $350 per person. This includes all pre- and post-conference seminars and workshops, conference presentations and activities, materials, and meals (dinner on Friday, continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, and lunch and dinner on Saturday). Beginning in 2007, we also offer a discounted registration price of $200 for full-time students in home school, public schools, colleges, or universities.

Online Registration
To proceed to online registration please click here.

Registration Help
If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding registration, please contact the Forum 2007 registrar, Murray Slater at registrar@in2in.org.

In2:IN logo 2007 Forum Videos  
  For the fifth year in a row, we contracted with Kid Flix, the after-school video services team at Placerita Junior High School in nearby Valencia, to videotape our entire conference.  Once again, this footage was converted into our final video package by Dave Nave & Associates.

Link here to order video sets for any year.
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