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The Fourth Annual In2:InThinking Network Forum

Daring to Lead - Influencing Better Thinking
for a Better Future

April 7-10, 2005 in Los Angeles, California, USA

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About Our 2005 Forum
Our Fourth Annual Forum, themed Daring to Lead - Influencing Better Thinking For A Better Future , continues to expand "thinking about thinking", raising the consciousness of better thinking in individuals and organizations. To that end, we have invited pioneering thinkers who "Dare to Lead." In addition, we are partnering with The Boeing Company to offer fourteen pre-conference workshops . Our 2005 Forum aims to promote an environment where compelling ideas and insights will evolve from an exposure to new thoughts, and inthinking colleagues. (And these ideas and insights may lead you in untold exciting directions in your work and life after the Forum.)

Forum or Conference?
We refer to the entire 4-day event (April 7-10) as our annual Forum. It begins with 2 days of workshops (April 7-8), which we refer to as "pre-conference workshops" and ends with a conference which runs from Friday afternoon at 4pm through Sunday at noon. All of the pre-conference workshops are held at the nearby Boeing - Canoga Park facility (also known as Rocketdyne Propulsion & Power). This year we are offering 15 such sessions, all of which are 3-hours long. The conference aspect of the Forum includes 4 keynote presentations and 6 "triple-track" presentations, as well as a closing panel discussion.

Pre-Conference Workshops Qualified Forum participants may attend any of fourteen workshops offered before the weekend conference portion of our 2005 Forum. Qualified participants are employees of The Boeing Company, Boeing suppliers or customers, family members of Boeing employees, students, and "members of the community." "Members of the community" are citizens working full or part time, or as volunteers, in community-related work.

Cost for Pre-Conference Workshops?
No, there is no fee to attend any of these pre-conference workshops. In keeping with our tradition, they are provided free of charge to Forum attendees, as well as to non-Forum attendees who qualify. Traditional qualified attendees are Boeing employees, suppliers, and customers. To this group we add non-traditional attendees - family members (of employees), students (with or without family ties), and "members of the community" (anyone who works part-time, full-time, or volunteers to serve the community).

Should You Attend? Anyone interested in improving the effectiveness of individuals and organizations will gain a deeper appreciation of leadership from this Forum. Past attendees reflect a wide variation in backgrounds - which is always a highlight of our event - and as such we have confidence that our program will continue to be valuable to anyone interested in "better thinking". If you, however, would like to get a "running start" on InThinking and other associated ideas, please inquire with us about attending an "Enterprise Thinking" workshop offered throughout the year at a variety of locations across the U.S. and U.K..

2005 Forum Presentations
Ed Chaplin - Understanding the Human Brain: Its Generative Capacities, Its limitations and Sources of Human Error

Mary Jenkins - Journey to the Center of Your People Systems

Roy Lubit - Avoidable Disasters: Common Problems of Group Behavior & Decision-Making

Joyce Musil-Condon - Backing Off the Edge: Transforming KANDU and Me

Rick Stephens - Daring to Lead with Systems Thinking

Peter Stonefield - Leading With Agility

Myron Tribus - Dare to Lead

Ginny Wiley - Finding the Courage to Lead: There are no silver bullets!

Participant Forum Reflections
Steven Byers

Mark N. Turner LT&D

logo 2005 Forum Videos  
  For the third year in a row, we contracted with Kid Flix, the after-school video services team at Placerita Junior High School in nearby Valencia, to videotape our entire conference.  Once again, this footage was converted into our final video package by Dave Nave & Associates.

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