In2:IN Forum 2007
2007 Forum Partners
  • Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne  
  • Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation - Space, Land & Sea
  • Ackoff Center for Advancement of Systems Approaches
  • Aera Energy LLC
  • AeroVironment
  • Art Technologies
  • Buffalo Niagara Partnership
  • CalRAM, Inc.
  • Capital Quality Initiative
  • CC-M Productions -
  • Deming Learning Network
  • Financial Partners Credit Union
  • Haines Centre International
  • Hilton Woodland Hills
  • Institute for Organizational Effectiveness - Bowling Green State University
  • International Futures Forum
  • Jazz Semiconductor
  • JCM Industries
  • Kid Flix Productions
  • The Lightforce Group
  • Los Angeles ~ The Institute of Noetic Science
  • Metalex Manufacturing, Inc.
  • MICA Consulting Partners
  • The Los Angeles and Orange County Chapters of the National Hispanic MBA Society
  • Dave Nave & Associates
  • North of England Transformation Network
  • Organization Systems Renewal Graduate Program at Seattle University
  • Pegasus Communications, Inc.
  • Phadke Associates, Inc.
  • Smiles All Round
  • Spincraft
  • Spirit Alive Design
  • State Farm Insurance Companies
  • The Swiss Deming Institute
  • UK Deming Forum
  • United Way of Kern County
  • W. Edwards Deming Institute
  • Theresa M. Stewart, CPA - An Accountancy Company
  • Volunteers of America - Los Angeles
  • UAW/Boeing Employee Involvement Training Organization
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At long last, our online registration process is ready for prime time and the many facets of our Sixth Annual Forum are coming together for what promises to be yet another memorable extended weekend of "thinking together."

Whether new to our network or a 5-time Forum attendee (Check our 2005 and 2006 photo galleries and see what lies ahead), we join our growing list of Forum Partners in inviting you to Los Angeles and learn with peers who continue to be inspired by the limitless possibilities of thinking together.  
In2:IN 2007 Forum Planning Team
In2:InThinking Network 2007 Forum
Passion Flowing In2 Purposeful Action -
Unleashing the Power of Us
In2:InThinking Network
Each month we invite you to participate in a conference call with esteemed Thought Leaders and meet them mind-to-mind.Once a year, we invite you to meet such Thought Leaders and fellow InThinkers; and meet them both mind-to-mind and face-to-face. It's that time again.

Through our planning efforts, we select a Forum theme which is inspired by the efforts of our members to make a difference from where they are.   This year we celebrate the power of our members to make a difference, together, by merging their passion and thinking for purposeful action.

This year's presentations provide us with ample opportunities to explore the potential for thinking together, learning together, and working together.
Joseph Parent will set our passion in motion with his opening keynote - Believe You Belong: Inspiring Fearless Confidence.  Sheldon Rovin will close by  revisiting the significance of Boundary-Less Thinking, also the topic of his Ongoing Discussion later this  week.In between, we'll be provoked by Ann Majchrzak, John Pourdehnad, Micah Fierstein, Lyn Wiltse, Paul Morgan, Tony Wrice, Tracy Huston, and Bob Pratt.

2007 Forum at a Glance...
Wednesday, April 11th - Dinner Program with NMA
Thursday, April 12th & Friday, April 13th -
Pre-Conference Seminars and Workshops
Friday - Sunday, April 13th - April 15th - Conference
Monday, April 16th & Tuesday, April 17th - Post-Conference Seminars and Workshops

Registration Details

1. Complete the registration survey with your information and preferences. You may initiate a scholarship application here as well.

2. You will receive an email invoice for any payment due

3. Submit payment by PayPal, credit card, check (or bring cash)

4. The Registration Team will follow-up with you on any other information required.

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Ackoff Scholarship Established by Metalex Manufacturing CEO Werner Kummerle
With great appreciation and excitement, the In2:InThinking Network announces the inaugural Russell L. Ackoff In2:InThinking Scholarship, established by Metalex Manufacturing founder and CEO Werner Kummerle. This annual scholarship, in the amount of $1000, was established to honor the immense and diverse contributions of Dr. Ackoff's work in the areas of systems thinking, creativity, and management.   He is also a prolific writer, releasing many a book in the past few years, including his last one, Management f-Laws: How Organizations Really Work, just before his 88th birthday.  Over many decades, his efforts have reached across industries and continents, always delivered with grace, humor, and the utmost respect for people who work in organizations.   The In2:InThinking Network feels incredibly fortunate to have both Werner Kummerle and Russell Ackoff as friends, supporters, and most importantly, participants.  Metalex Manufacturing is a Forum Partner - Werner, his wife, and daughter and son all attended the 2006 Forum. Russ has attended several Forums as a speaker and guest of the Network, and has appeared twice as Thought Leader for Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's Enterprise Thinking Network's monthly Ongoing Discussion teleconferences.  He has also been invited to share his wisdom with the entire staff of Metalex.

This scholarship, in the tradition of In2:InThinking scholarships, is meant to enable someone to attend the Forum, for the first time, who might not otherwise be aware of or be exposed to the Network and its resources and goals. The 2007 recipient might be a student, a healthcare professional, a teacher or school principal, a government employee, a community leader - any of whom would benefit from inclusion in the Network and contact with the incredible array of talented and concerned people that are the Network.

Initiate your application for the Ackoff Scholarship by registering for the Forum today.

In2:InThinking Network Scholarship

The In2:InThinking Network aspires to be an inclusive organization; in practice, its philosophies, and in its partners and members.  With this aim, we offer  modest scholarships to help some participate in the Forum who might not otherwise be able to attend. 

There are a couple of ways we do this.  Our basic scholarship is for the registration fee, which this year is $350.  The number of these scholarships available each year is determined by the Board of Directors, based on the expected number of attendees for the coming Forum.  An allocation for two such scholarships has been made this year.

Initiate your application for one of these In2:IN scholarships by registering for the Forum today.

Pre-Order 2007 Forum DVDs
Save $25
The 2007 Forum DVD set may be pre-ordered at a discounted price of $125.

You will be invoiced $75 with your registration and $50 upon shipment.

After April 6th, the price of the DVDs will be $150. 
Offer Expires: April 6th, 2007
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