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Session E - Pre-Conference Session - CANCELED
Wednesday, June 8th, 1:15-4:15pm

From My Seat in the Stadium
Presented by Julie Goodfellow and Hugh McAllister

Format: Workshop
Primary Focus: Leadership
Secondary Focus: Understanding Systems


Description: Go to a conference on creativity; attend a symposium on personal growth, on organizational effectiveness or any other topic of interest around the goal of getting better. What is the common thread?  What elements converge to make the dream possible?  For us, it is the ability to think differently; to embrace different perspectives and to understand from those perspectives.  In short, to see the playing field of life from different seats in the stadium unlocks a doorway to creativity and to enhanced living.
Participate in a learning experience in which we will draw on shared experiences from previous In2:InThinking Network Fora and from each person’s individual life’s path.  Perspective is the key.  With an enhanced ability to see life as a kaleidoscope of perspectives, patterns will emerge where we have seen none; creativity will flourish where we once saw limited solutions; and personal and professional relationships will flourish in the light of new understanding.

Join in to explore new avenues for viewing the world around us and for infusing in our world the creative sparks that will lead us to greater lives, individually and together.

Target Audience: Everyone interested in sharing personal experiences in managing change and in learning from the experiences of others.  We want to hear from every possible “seat in the stadium.”

Organizational Issues:  Veteran Forum attendees will share how they have integrated into their lives the insights gained through continued participation.  Those new to the Forum experience will be able to enhance discussions by relating their own perspectives.

Objectives: To challenge perspectives and assumptions and to support wider systems approaches.

To reflect on and discuss how we apply for ourselves anything new we may learn.  

To boldly go where no workshop discussions have gone before!  (This is corny, we admit)

Cost: None

Pre-work: None

Materials Needed: None

Handouts: Available for download after the Forum

Julie Goodfellow

Biography: Julie was born in Northumberland, North East England. She has a varied background; working on a Port in Northumberland in Finance then Warehousing/Transport. In 1997 she moved to South Wales, United Kingdom with her husband and 3 children. She then worked in the National Health Service for over a decade before she and her husband set up a valve company. She has an interest in problem solving, quality management and organizational development, she now supports organisations in developing Lean & Thinking In Systems. Julie has a Master’s Degree in Lean Operations from Cardiff University in Wales, where she was given the opportunity to visit the 2010 In2:InThinking Network Forum, was delayed with the Icelandic Volcano and had an additional adventure in Las Vegas where she managed to get a flight home 6 days later than intended. She returned in 2012 and volunteered to help with the Forum, supporting links to the current years University students in Cardiff and Austin, Texas via the Forum's first-ever webcast.

Contact: Julie can be reached by e-mail at julie@interentforyou.co.uk for additional information about this Pre-Conference session

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/juliegoodfellow

Hugh McAllister

Biography: Hugh has a passion for the integration of learning systems, quality management systems and client (customer) satisfaction systems.  He works with organizations to address the aims of these organizational sub-systems and to bring data to the table for the synthesis of knowledge from the data each sub-system provides.

Hugh is a graduate of Siena College.  He went to Harvard, but that was just a drive through one spring day, so we told him it doesn’t count.  His greatest contribution to organizations is his ability to think outside the quadrilateral parallelogram.  His teenage daughter, Meghan, gave him that term and he is running with it.  Ask him if he knows what it means? Hugh is known for creativity and humor in his work and he brings these characteristics to the way he looks at and works within systems. 

Contact: Hugh can be reached by e-mail at hughmcallister71@gmail.com for additional information about this Pre-Conference session


Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/pub/hugh-mcallister/1/24/220

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