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Session A - Pre-Conference Session
Embodying Imagination, Clarity, and Leadership
Presented by Alex & Beth Iglecia


Description: What is possible when you take an idea you want to see real in the world and you become and embody that idea completely? What are the opportunities of leading the change you imagine with clarity and perseverance, and playfulness?

In this experiential practice and exploration, you will learn tools and methods to systematically:

  • turn your bookcase into a jungle gym
  • embody a deep, complex, big, bast, encompassing worldview
  • use a clear, defined, structured process to effect change in others from within
  • enact and be aligned and true with all what you know
  • live integrally and leave no area of your life uninhabited
  • blend your meditation and insight (evolution) with your living practice and connection (involution)

Target Audience: Leading edge movers and shakers, professional helpers, coaches and leaders, change agents and teachers, the culturally creative, Integralists and evolutionaries, 2nd Tier memes, and mind-body aficionados, non labelists. If you are interested in taking a fully body-mind approach to work, play, facilitation, leadership and change, then this workshop is for you.

Organizational Issues: How do you manage your energies, evolve your capacity, and collaboratively involve your clarity with the people you serve? We practice meditation in order to free ourselves from our root causes of suffering. We engage in mindbody practices help us live fully. In this workshop, we will use the Language of Energy (UZAZU) with principles from Yoga and other modalities to specifically embody, unlock and free the fundamental dynamics that give rise to your ability to be clear and direct, to imagine and manage boundaries, and lead from the heartmind.

Objectives: How many hats and roles do you embody each day? You’ll take away an experience and practical tools for upgrading your conscious control of now you navigate your experience and create effective change in the world. In relation to imagination, leadership and clarity, we'll explore: How do I/WE be more receptive, supportive, and easy inside? How do I/WE generate more strength, confidence, and strong and health will? How can I/WE define what I want, and be clear about what I don't want? How can I/WE be happier, feel more joy, and connect with others? What can I/WE do to feel more stable, secure, grounded, and at home? What can I/WE do to feel more free, more curious, creative, and inspired? How do I/WE go with the flow to be more productive and feel less stress? How can I/WE be clear, focused, and present?

Date: Thursday, April 28th

Length: 3 hours (9:00-12:00pm)

Location: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - 6633 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park

Cost: None

Handouts: Available for download after the Forum

Alex & Beth Iglecia

Biographies: Alex is a teacher, trainer, mover and shaker working at the intersection of human development and body-mind training. With an M.A. in Conscious Evolution from The Graduate Institute, B.S. in Engineering from Cornell University, and body-mind training spanning UZAZU, yoga, freediving, fitness coaching and combative martial arts, Alex explores and coaches for individual and collective change of our outer space from our inner space.

Beth brings over two decades of experience in complex organizational structures in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds dealing with change, mergers and acquisitions, Her education includes an M.A. in Conscious Evolution from The Graduate Institute, a B.S. in Leadership from Northeastern University and certification as a Holistic Health Coach from Teacher’s College at Columbia University. Beth’s body-mind training emphasizes healing, stress-reduction and integrating body-intelligence in everyday life.

Contact: Alex can be reached by e-mail at alex@iglecia.com for additional information about this session. Beth can be reached by e-mail at beth@iglecia.com for additional information about this session.

Websites: for Alex; www.alexiglecia.com, (twitter) twitter.com/AlexIglecia, (linkedin) www.linkedin.com/in/alexiglecia
for Beth; www.bethiglecia.com, (linkedin) www.linkedin.com/in/bethiglecia

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