About the In2:InThinking Network - bulletized list


The fully volunteer, In2:InThinking Network was formed in 2001 with the aim of hosting an annual, international, 4-day, Forum, comprised of 2 days of Pre-Conference sessions and a Weekend Conference.

We believe "thinking about thinking" is a foundation for thinking, learning, and working together.

Our non-profit, fully volunteer organization, was founded by a group of students of the work of W. Edwards Deming and related theorists, including Russ Ackoff, Genichi Taguchi, Peter Senge, and Tom Johnson.

Through hosting an annual Forum, our aim is to make thinking about sub-systems, variation, knowledge, and psychology, and their interaction - which comprises Deming's “System of Profound Knowledge.”

We believe that such thinking about thinking, which we call "InThinking," will allow people to better perceive relationships and interdependencies in human endeavors, across all industries, extending to education systems and our government.

By improving how we think together, learn together, and work together, we see vast opportunities for making all of our endeavors more valuable, more satisfying, and more joyful.

Beginning in 2002, our Forum Team has designed and hosted annual Forums, ranging in length from 4 days to 6 days and now 5 days.

We've hosted between 100 and 200 attendees every year, from across the United States, with European participation sometimes as high as 20 attendees.

Our registration fee started at $250 in 2002 and has remained at $350 since 2007.

Our fee covers attendance at our Weekend Conference, which features 4 keynote speakers and 6 presenters in parallel-track sessions, with most meals included.

We offer a wide variety of free sessions in advance of our Weekend Conference. In 2017, we will offer 15 sessions, 14 for free, and one with a $15 material fee, with a daily attendance fee of $25.

We take great pride in our abilities to attract presenters who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our attendees and donate their time to our efforts.

Past speakers have included academics, such as:
Kathleen Allen, USC, authority on entrepreneurship
Joel Primark, UC Santa Cruz, authority on cosmology
Tom Johnson, Portland State University, authority on management accounting
Russ Ackoff, University of Pennsylvania, authority on systems thinking
Gerald Suarez, University of Maryland, authority on leadership
Felix Tarasenko, Tomsk State University, Siberia, Russia, authority on systems thinking
John Carlisle, Sheffield University, England, authority on negotiations

Government officials, such as:
Jim Green, Director of Planetary Sciences, NASA HQ
George Hopson, Director, Space Shuttle Main Engine, NASA
Steve Cook, Director, Space Launch Services, NASA
Brigadier General Tim Trainor, Academic Dean, West Point

Business Leaders, such as:
Juan Garza, former President, Austin Energy
Barry Bebb, retired-Vice President, Xerox
Paul Morgan, Director of Quality, UK, Philips Electronics
Kevin Murphy, President, Triumph Aerospace
Shirley Gordon, Vice President, State Farm Insurance
Vince Barabba, General Manager, Corporate Strategy, General Motors

Thought Leaders, such as:
William Glasser, psychologist and author
Peter Stonefield, psychologist
Barnet Bain, author and Oscar-winning film producer, What Dreams May Come
Norman Seeff, photographer and author
Doug Busch, designer and photographer
Bill Scherkenbach, consultant and author
Gipsie Ranney, consultant and author

Community Leaders, such as
Bob Pratt, President, Volunteers of America - Los Angeles
Kevin Cahill, President, W. Edwards Deming Institute