Conference Session
Breaking Away From the Pack by Thinking Differently

Presented by Frumi Rachel Barr


Abstract: We live in a world in which everyone has access to the same resources and talent, where the Web is the great equalizer. Competing vendors benchmark, imitate and feed off each other offering more and more choices with little differentiation. How can you, as a leader, break away from the pack and attract customers and resources in order to succeed? You can do so only, by thinking differently. Learn useful insights to resist the pull of the pack and leap ahead to sustain success.

Frumi Rachel Barr

Biography: As the CEO of 3 businesses and CFO of 2, Frumi is no stranger to acknowledging every detail that makes a company function. It is this awareness of complete team performance that has made her focus on helping top CEOs and executives conquer the challenges of self expression and team communication. Frumi is highly educated with an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. in Business Administration. Being the mother of four in addition to juggling a full time career, Frumi has mastered the art of communication and mediation. She prides herself on being the source in the room all can trust and count on to solve inner team conflict.

As a knowledgeable and strong woman, Frumi is able to unveil the real truths that plague many business environments in negative manners. She has served with the honorable title of Past President of the Professional Coaching and Mentors Association. She is currently the Mentorship Director for the Orange County Chapter of The International Coaching Federation. Frumi is the author of Confessions of a Resilient Entrepreneur and the soon to be released book What Now CEO? 5 Proven Strategies to Combat Loneliness at the Top.

Contact: Frumi can be reached by e-mail at for additional information about this conference session.


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