Session S - Post-Conference Session
Where Trust Is, Results Follow
Presented by Hugh McAlister and Adrian Ward


Description: Our traditional system of managing is grounded in a theory that weights very heavily the hard people skills of goal setting and of delegation.  Its proincipal tool is the organization chart and management is seen as a control function.

Facing us now, in an increasingly knowledge based world, one in which people have a myriad of choices (at least in the long term) for where they will bring to bear their talents, we need anew theory.  In this presentation we will present that theory and demonstrate its success in one organization:  Glen Oaks Escrow, Glendale, California.  That theory can be expressed through the words of the firm’s principals:  Execution Through Grace & Kindness.”  Hugh and Adrian will focus our theory on the need for trust and the “tells” (to borrow from the Poker playing world) that let us know whether or not an organization practices what they almost universally preach; that trust is an important part of the organizational fabric.  Hugh will then introduce the management techniques used at Glen Oaks Escrow to show a real example of building trust and reaping its benefits  

Target Audience: The target audience is all who grapple with building trust within an organization and whose activities can impact the degree to which trust will become a foundation element within it. 

Organizational Issues: This session will explore a number of fundamental organizational issues, including;

  • What is trust?
  • What causes trust to exist?
  • What causes trust to erode (Distrust as an unintended consequence)?
  • What can each of us do to build trust? 
  • Trust as an intended consequence

Objectives: TBD

Date: Tuesday, April 20th

Length: 4.5 hours (8:00-12:30pm)

Location: California State University, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge

Cost: None

Handouts: Available for download after the Forum


Biography: With a career in organizational systems that spans 3 decades, Hugh McAllister has worked through numerous economic cycles and through many trends in leadership and in management.  Exposure to SPC, TQM, Six Sigma, MBO and others are all part of his learning experience, an spanning industry segments that have included manufacturing, engineering, construction and, now, as Director of Training for the Pango Group, escrow services to the real estate community.   After thirty years of studying and applying the tools that are associated with the trends and having living through their applications, he has formed his own views of what builds strength in organizations.  Hugh is a trained communicator who, in addition to his regular duties, speaks and writes on topics of interest to organizations interested in, or currently engaged in the application of enterprise thinking.

Contact: Hugh can be reached by e-mail at for additional information about this post-conference session.

Adrian Ward

Biography: A career police officer in the Unitied Kingdom for 30 years, Adrian Ward rose through the ranks to Deputy Chief Constable and was decorated by Her Majesty with the Queens Police Medal (QPM) for his services to policing before retiring from Grampian Police, Scotland's third largest police force, at the end of 2004. Early in his police career Adrian developed a keen academic interest in organizations but it was not until much later that he discovered the transformational thinking of the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming - thanks to Gordon Hall of the Aberdeen-based Deming Learning Network. This was a life-changing discovery and he immediately set to work applying Deming's principles to policing in Scotland. Along the way he became friends with David Couper, former Chief of Madison Police WI, who had already trodden this path to great effect in the US and was / is a great inspiration to him.  Adrian now seeks to help organizations in any sector apply Deming's philosophy through his fledgling leadership education and consulting company, Prosper Through Integrity™.  He has the bold, hairy and audacious long term goal of assisting the wholesale transformation of customer service in the UK applying Deming's principles. Watch this space!  

Contact: Adrian can be reached by e-mail at for additional information about this post-conference session.


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