Session O - Post-Conference Session
Incubation and Inspiration for Sustainability: PRIZM GameStorming In Action
Presented by Dale Deardorff

Description: This interactive innovation workshop is in a fun game format. Attendees will be assigned to one of 3 teams, each that have 5 members who will play the PRIZM game in a GameStorming session with Quests searching for real world problems with real world solution ideas on Sustainability, Global Warming and Green Technologies. This will be experienced with an innovation map and personal guide.  You will be excited to learn together. This will lead to additional insights allowing the opportunity to improve the teams working skills and communication with experts from different disciplines and fields.

The ability to assess a problem and find a solution using a structured approach to innovation will be instructed metaphorically; as an embankment into the unknown with a profound sense of danger. Innovation is a process of constant questioning leaving nothing left avoided, untouched or not experienced. This approach is composed of a constant cognitive divergence of thought followed by a convergence of flow and harmonic insights leading to many thoughts or ideas that connect to each other.

While others believe that innovative thinking is an approach that uses the individual’s receptivity and methods for problem solving, this is only because they are yet to map how people think or have tools to systematically harness the process of innovation. PRIZM is different. Like a prism of light it splits problems apart and recombines them into new and useful ideas. It is developed from far more than human-centered innovation; rather it is a complete innovation map covering all aspects of creativity. 

The PRIZM game can streamline the way people ask questions. It allows them an innovation process to find the right problem statement quickly, or they may find the problem disappears completely. It can also provoke many ideas which can shorten the time to find useful solutions. The PRIZM game inspires people to change their world by combining technology, society and nature by working together in a team format for synergistic product innovation, creativity and collaborative team building.

Dale Deardorff will act as a facilitator Guide to walk the teams through the game experience and output.  The guide is a facilitator steward who moves through the game starting with creation of an “ideal state” finally ending with a series of ideas that compose a beautiful story. This is accomplished by moving the problem and the solution closer to each other in a juxtaposition of process and perceived problems.

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for those that desire to learn a new and revolutionary unique systemic Innovation Game for improving the effectiveness of individuals and organizations to create new ideas.

Organizational Issues: Attendees for this session can use the PRIZM method of GameStorming to open stagnated innovation communication and paradigms, explore Shared Idea Synergy and have FUN in the process.

Objectives: Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn a new innovation method to create a endless stream of high quality ideas
  • Understand tools and techniques used within the domains of creativity and innovation
  • Increase awareness by uncovering solutions that fully utilize existing internal resources to save time, dollars and external resources.

Intellectual Property Disclaimer: The ideas created from this PRIZM GameStorming event will be provided to Bainbridge Graduate Institute for their Masters Program in Sustainability. All participants in the session voluntarily relinquish any ownership or rights to the intellectual property created during the game.

Monday, April 18th

Length: 3 hours (8:30-11:30am)

Location: California State University, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge

Cost: None

Maximum Class Size: 15 attendees, with seating on a first-come, first-served basis.

Handouts: Available for download after the Forum

Dale Deardorff
Dale Deardorff is a Project/Program Manager for The Boeing Company's Directed Energy Systems (DES) business unit in California. He has more than 20 years of service with The Boeing Company and has held various leadership positions in engineering as well as project and program management. He has experience in technology development, electro-mechanical design and new product development. Previously he worked 8 years for Lockheed “Skunk Works” and 2 years at Vista Controls Corporation.

Dale has a M.A. degree in Design and a M.S. degree in Automation Engineering from California State University - Northridge, as well as a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from The University of Phoenix in Tempe, Arizona. Dale recently attended 2 years in an Executive Juris Doctorate program where he specialized in trademark, intellectual property and patent law. As a life-long learner, he is taking a break to write a manuscript on “Thinking and Actions.”

He has also served for over 10 years supporting the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation (HOBY) in many roles from a Seminar Vice-Chair to Ambassador Counselor. He continues to foster the vision to help young adults "Learn how to Think" – "Not what to Think." He is currently a National Management Liaison to HOBY for both the California L.A. and California Central Leadership sites and runs the California Central Ambassador Mentorship Program.

Dale also teaches distance learning in Project Management and Project Management Communications for DeVry University/Keller Graduate School of Management. He focuses on facilitating students to understand the leadership and management responsibilities in business environments.

Dale has been a member of the In2:InThinking Network since 2001 and a member of the Forum Team for each event. As a transplanted Southern California native, in his off time he likes to mountain bike at the beach, plays volleyball and enjoys hiking the spectacular rock formations around his new residence in the Chatsworth Hills.

Contact: Dale can be reached by e-mail at for additional information about this post-conference session.

Website: Look here to find the handouts Dale has prepared for his pre- and post-conference sessions for all of our Forums.

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