Conference Session
Juggling is Elementary! Kids In2:InThinking

Presented by Robin Solomon


Abstract: Take a good look at a typical 10 year old. We are looking at a future boss, co-worker, or CEO. When we see a kid walking down the street, do we even think of them that way?

We need them to be smart. But that’s not enough. If we could teach them now what they’ll need then, give them courage to make smart mistakes, choose their actions wisely and handle consequences in stride, they’ll grow into innovative and collaborative colleagues.

Start with 70 fifth graders at a neighborhood school and train them on the works of Deming, Ackoff, de Bono and Covey. Help them excel at time management, communications, systems thinking, public speaking and project management. Empower them to understand themselves today, set ever evolving goals and gain context for the rest of their life.

Let's prepare them to work with us.

Robin Solomon

Biography: Robin ("Robbie") Solomon's first professional career was in the legal industry specializing in knowledge management, legal and trial technology and corporate training. Inspired by the In2:InThinking Network, she sought to right-size the In2:IN teachings for the pre-adoloscent brain and became certified to teach Edward de Bono's CoRT Thinking Programme and Six Thinking Hats for Schools. She established Thinking Lessons at the neighborhood school, where she has been training young thinkers for the past three years. When the international law firm she worked for suddenly closed its doors, she saw it as a sign to follow her new passion. In Fall 2009, she began a year long, weekly leadership program for fifth grade students entitled Life Skills and began kids in2 thinking, career number two.

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