Conference Session
The Juggler’s Quantum Paradox
…and an X-Factor Required to Solve It

Presented by Lew Rhodes


Abstract: In this session we will dig beneath the Forum’s Juggler metaphor.  And in particular, the leader-as-juggler’s quantum challenge to simultaneously deal with the particle and the wave… the forest and the trees… the organizational whole and its human parts.

We will use a different lens to expose a common way-of-seeing to better frame the Quantum Paradox’s either-or mindset so its actual both/and nature can be understood. We’ll be exploring some “simple rules” for seeing and understanding what we think about, and mining some “meaningful metaphors” to realize how much we already know that we don’t think we know.

In this process we’ll focus primarily on the organizational process called schooling because regardless of the type of organization in which we now work we usually are the veterans or victims of a common organizational experience called schools that left us with faulty assumptions about the natural process of learning and how to support it.

Lew Rhodes

Biography: Like a pig who seeks truffles, Lew has always been a root-seeker.  His search for the Fifth Why underlying the ways we think has been a central element of his career as association executive, consultant to federal and state government, director of national projects for foundations and government, private sector consultant, and as university faculty member.  And also for his informal relationships with thinkers like Deming, Ackoff, Meg Wheatley, Buckminster Fuller, and Marshall McLuhan.  Findings from his sense-making journey have been presented in more than 16 videos and films and 120 published articles and books.

Lew emptied his mind’s root cellar in the Thoughtpiece for the Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's October 2008 Ongoing Discussion "In Search of the Fifth WHY?" ----A learning journey that started with a different map, …and ended up uncovering a territory that our “thinking maps” weren’t capturing. Subsequently he launched a website and blog ( for others seeking “simple rules” underlying the dynamic complexity of today’s world.

Lew is principal Thinking Partner of Sabu Inc. in Silver Spring, MD.


Lew can be reached by e-mail at for additional information about this Forum session

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