Conference Session
The Circle of Confusion

Presented by Douglas Busch


Abstract: This presentation will build upon an early career in photography and the search for the perfect photograph; all the while hindered by the circle of confusion, an optical spot caused by a cone of light rays from a lens not coming to a perfect focus when imaging a point source. 

Fast forward to a career as a eco-designer, with growing concerns about societal needs, including the vital need to work together to produce smart growth, sustainable growth, and wellness growth. Likewise, the need to focus on the “WE” and not the “I”.  Everyone must win in this new vision.  We must be smart on how we put these new disciplines and technologies together…they must breath as one.  To truly rebuild our society we must focus on sustainable education which supports its labour force, not subsidies which have proven not to work.  In short, we must perceive the conclusion at the inception before we move forward whether in business, our social networks, and assure a path of true holistic happiness.

Douglas Busch

Biography: Douglas Busch is on a mission to bring systemic thinking into action, with a career that includes working as a jeweler, photographer, author, entrepreneur, home designer, and now eco-designer for EcoTECH.

 “I am interested in presenting reality more accurately than I can actually see it. On one level, my work is about a certain density. There is more to see than we can actually see.”

Douglas' large format black and white photographs, ranging from 8”x10” to 40”x60” (shot with the world’s largest portable camera, designed and built by the artist himself), present images of great beauty and irony, great subtlety and elegance. In his photographs, “actuality is not abbreviated but opened into the world, not merely documented but discovered,” states Dr. Donald Bartlett Doe, Director of the Mulvane Art Museum, Topeka, KS. Busch’s vision and personal sensibilities enable him to capture the monumental in the ordinary, to inform the details of everyday life with sensitivity and clarity.

Robert J. Evans, Director of the Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham, MA, notes, “Busch’s combination of technical perfection and personal poetic sensitivity is truly overwhelming. His intense, aesthetic vision combines with his outstanding craftsmanship to produce strong works, simple and direct, yet redolent of the great artistic tradition that preceded him. There is a deeper mood and a quality of light washing through the cityscapes distinct in feeling from what we can see in most American imagery. Busch’s sensibility shines through always, creating harmonies that delight the eye.”

Busch’s technical ability is widely acknowledged and respected. His work has been published in virtually every international photographic magazine. Jannes Art Publishing of Chicago, IL writes, “Mr. Busch will become, within the next few years, one of the world’s outstanding and most noteworthy black and white photographers. The technical caliber of his work is superb, his vision exciting and strong.” Numerous publications have cited Doug’s technical expertise in inventing and building photographic equipment for large format photography.

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