Conference Session
The Perfect Confluence: Leadership and Learning In2 Quality

Presented by David Langford


Abstract: In Montana, three rivers flow together: the Madison, the Jefferson, and the Gallatin to form a single confluence called the Missouri River. The strength of the Missouri's tributaries are a force in and of themselves; however, they are not as magnificent as the full power of the Missouri River. Over the last few years, I have witnessed the natural blending of leadership, learning, and quality to create a new context for improvement. This river of change is a powerful force that drives education and is vital for today's leaders. Extensive leadership research, the Learning Code of J.W. Wilson, and Profound Knowledge from Dr. W. Edwards Deming has created a new revelation in how learning and organizational behavior can be improved in all systems, from education to business, government to health care, service industries to religious institutions. Since applying these three aspects of thinking, I have seen immediate and dramatic changes with clients and colleagues who implement improvement processes and apply acquired knowledge and I have seen organizations experience rapid improvement. In this keynote, I will take you on an experiential journey to discover the confluence of leadership, learning, and quality.

David Langford

Biography: David was born and raised in Durango, Colorado.  He graduated from Montana State University-Billings with a B.S. in Education K-12 and has a Masters in Educational Administration and Supervision from Arizona State University.  He has been a music, technology, science, and business teacher/coordinator in education since 1979, with experience ranging from preschool through postgraduate studies in both rural and urban settings.  He currently resides with his wife and five children on the Calamity Jane Horse Cache ranch in Molt, Montana (just west of Billings).

Langford Quality Learning originated in 1986 as a process to improve student learning in David’s high school computer and business classes. Studying the work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Myron Tribus, Dr. Russell Ackoff and others, Mr. Langford used basic statistical tools to teach students to assess and monitor their own progress and intrinsically take responsibility for learning.  Effort was then directed toward improving school wide learning by identifying, defining, and overcoming barriers that hindered the students’ path of learning.  Through these efforts, students realized that school exists to foster lifelong learning.  Since 1992, David has devoted his research and time toward using quality methodology and concepts to improve student learning, school leadership, business processes and procedures, and to promote society partnerships.  Out of this effort emerged the concepts of Quality Learning, Just-In-Time Learning, and the Self-Managed Classroom. 

David’s presentations have been seen throughout the United States and in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Qatar and Australia.  His former students have also given presentations in the United States, Canada, Japan and England. David was featured in the film Quality...Or Else which aired on PBS and has appeared in other documentaries including the Deming Library Vol. XXI.  He is co-author of the book Orchestrating Learning With Quality, and the author of Tool Time for Education, Business and Healthcare. Langford has created a number of new quality tools such as: The Consensogram, Code of Cooperation, If...Then, Integrative Analysis, Capacity Matrix, Morphing, Parking Lot, P3T, and Systems Progress as well as creating additional quality resources and materials.

David’s educational clients include Pre-K-12 School Districts throughout the United States and internationally, colleges and universities, Regional Education Service Centers and Chambers of Commerce.  He has also worked in the business sector with clients ranging from General Motors to government agencies such as the Department of Defense.  Clients from education, government, healthcare and business attend his 4-Day Seminars.  He is currently an international consultant, trainer, keynote speaker, writer, and educator on improving the quality of learning in education, business and government.


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