Conference Session
The Art of Communication: Harmonizing Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit

Presented by Annie Barron


Abstract: In every moment, communication occurs within what I call our ‘organs of perception’ ~ body, mind, heart, and spirit. Great thinkers pay attention to their intellectual attitudes, body sensations, emotions and intuition. In the process, they open up to a full spectrum of information and become able to creatively solve problems and build fulfilling relationships in any context.

In this engaging session, I will explain how to achieve harmony among body, mind, heart and spirit. We will learn with and from one another in this safe, fun, experiential session. If you join us, you will learn simple practices to increase awareness of the multiple dimensions of communication that occur within you, as well as between you and others.

Presentation: Link here to download Annie's presentation in pdf format.
Excerpt from The Secret Life of Communication: Opening to Unlimited Love
Prepared by Annie Barron, April 2010

Annie Barron

Biography: Annie Barron was born in Montana and Texas. She entered this world, crying like the rest of us, in Great Falls, Montana. Later, she entered the worlds of personal healing and intellectual achievement, crying and laughing, in Austin, Texas. She currently resides in a beautiful home on a mountainside in Missoula, Montana, where she serves as director of organizational development for the western Montana service area of Providence Health and Services. Annie is the author of two books: Openness Works! Create Personal, Professional and Financial Growth in any Organization (2006) and the forthcoming The Secret Life of Communication: Opening to Unlimited Love.


Annie can be reached by e-mail at for additional information about this Forum session.

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