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The aim of the In2:InThinking Network is to promote study, insight, and application of individual and collective awareness of systems, psychology, variation, knowledge, and their interactions - elements recognized as the basis of W. Edwards Deming's “System of Profound KnowledgeTM (SoPK)".

The concept of “InThinking” derives from “awareness of our own thinking and the assumptions" we make in how we act when we allocate resources (time, money, space, materials, inventory, equipment, ideas, etc.) where thinking is defined as “a way of reasoning.” Fundamental to resource allocation is whether our activities are deliberately (by choice) proactive or reactive, and whether the resources involved belong to the enterprise ("ours") or to one's own department, function, district, part, etc. ("mine"). InThinking invites an individual to learn to perceive the patterns of interdependencies surrounding him or her and to reason and judge with new insight and thereby engage in the activities of Purposeful Resource Management and Purposeful Resource Leadership across their enterprise. Such efforts would be commonplace in a "Business as Unusual" environment.

Such a personal transformation of awareness builds upon the foundation of Profound Knowledge to include the theories of Russell Ackoff, Edward de Bono, Peter Senge, Tom Johnson, and Genichi Taguchi, among many others.
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Our Non-Profit Status

Our Network efforts are enabled day-by-day, month-by-month, and year-by-year by civic-minded volunteers whose contributions include a passion for making a difference, coupled with ideas, time, and energy. Together, we are working, learning, and thinking about how we can foster and inspire "thinking together for a better future" and what this effort enables individuals and organizations of all shapes and sizes to do differently.

Contributions to our Network also include financial support from our members, coupled with the proceeds of our annual Forum. Towards this end, please consider contributing a tax-deductible donation to the In2:InThinking Network, which is chartered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation can be towards our general fund (to support the website and newsletter), or towards scholarships and financial assistance of future attendees of our annual Forum.

Contact Bill Bellows for additional information on how to contribute.

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