Member Profile - Natalia Mironova - October 2007

Natalia Mironova and Rudy Hernandez

Natalia Mironova, shown here with Rudy Hernandez during her Fall 2007 visit to Canoga Park, CA.   (Click on photo to see Natalia and Rudy in front the F-1 rocket engine engine that stands in front of Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's Canoga facility.)

The Facts:
I live in Chelyabinsk, which is located near Ural Mountains chain in the middle part of Russia. Nuclear and chemical military productions add social and political spices, as well as recent gatherings of the most authoritarian presidents of Asian countries in this beautiful paradise for the huge "anti-terror" military game presentation. Thus, been living here, you must be risk manager nature.  It goes through all my life: engineer, scientific researcher, social activist, regional representative, social researcher, manager, Ph.D., author of the "heretical" social dynamics models.
What I am doing now? Now my scientific interest focuses on the promoting systems approach to sociology of governance. I try to follow the wisdom of Russell Ackoff, and I try to promote his vision through the Russian synergetic community.  I translated and published his article "Transforming the Systems Movement" on the well known Sergey P. Kurdyumov web site in Russia.  I published the book Social Dynamics: Metamorphoses of Self-organization and Governance.  More over, I am finishing my new book The Role of Civil Actors in Modern State  Governance.  At the end of 2007, I will run for the State Duma (Russian Congress) with Green Russia (a faction of the political party "Apple"), which tries to bite the Russian governance system.

Tell us about your connection to the In2:IN:
I visited Los Angeles in October 2006. I had been inspired by interconnections and Bill Bellows, who became my friend.  It is time to strengthen the interconnections of responsive and concerned scientists and social actors of the entire World. The World Peace is under cracking by
Power Military Elites. Picture of such multi-cracking is more visual from Russia: Democratic institutions are under cracking; civil meanings are under cracking; human values are under cracking.  Military values are strongly opposed to civil values.  It is time to save peace for our kids, including my own - a son and daughter and one granddaughter.

Tell us about a recent "a-ha" moment:
It had happened when I interviewed Russell Ackoff and Jamshid Gharajedaghi in 2007.  I remember the moment when I asked Jamshid the last interview question: "Do you feel the organizational approach constrains?"   He quickly moved to his computer, did clicking and opened a file.  No words, only a picture - it was deepest answer what I received. A-HA!

What book(s) are you reading now?
The lovely book for me is Jamshid Gharajedaghi's Systems Thinking: Managing Chaos and Complexity.