Member Profile - Dave Ciscel - September 2006

Dave Ciscel

Meet Dave Ciscel, a 2-time retiree (from the Air Force and Boeing) who is seeking to redefine the rapid manufacturing process.

The Facts:
I recently started CalRAM, Inc. with John Wooten to make titanium parts from powder - faster, better, cheaper, etc. Now we need Blue Pen customers! I live in Camarillo with my wife, bird dogs and have 3 kids, 5 grandkids, two surfboards, three horses, and two mules. My main effort is to get CalRAM profitable and avoid bankruptcy. Vacations are for hunting, any time off is for surfing or playing with kids and grandkids.

Forum Attendance:
I attended in 2002 and 2004 and started speaking at Bill Bellows' Understanding Variation classes in December 1996.

Tell us about a recent "a ha" moment.
CalRAM Inc uses a technology called Electron Beam Melting (EBM). It's new technology so it seems there's an a ha moment every other day. I am forced to learn software called Magics, similar to a CAD drawing. The best aha moment in long time was when I figured out how to tie a diamond hitch on my mule by myself.

What book are you reading now?
"General McKinney Reports" about air war in Pacific in WWII, Harry Flashman series about British empire in 1800s & Biblical histories about the origins of the war with Islam.

What recent book have you read that you consider both beneficial and readable?
"Undying Hatred" by Hal Lindsey, about the roots of animosity between Islam and the Jews, and later the Christians. We win this war in Iraq or no women are allowed to come to the In2:IN Forums. For that matter there won't be any Forums. Not even in burkas.

What advice do you have for people new to the In2:InThinking Network?
Pay attention and network. Don't drink too much the first day or you'll have a hangover the second day like someone whose initials are A... B...

Are there any questions that we should add to the member profile? If so, please provide us with the question(s) and your answer(s).
It might be interesting to ask if the respondent feels there has been progress made in their life, or their work, as a result of these Forums or other Bellows training.

The answer for me is Yes! I have a much better understanding of corporate structure and what it takes to change a culture, and starting a business with a desired culture, instead of copying the culture of previous work place.