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We first featured the Organization Systems Renewal in our October 2006 newsletter.  We believe the resources of this organization will expand your thinking about thinking...

The Facts:
Organization Systems Renewal (OSR) is a graduate level program in the design and leadership of Organizational Change. The OSR program was established in 1979 and is affiliated with Seattle University. It is a unique program that provides the opportunity for students to achieve excellence as designers and leaders of change within their organizations and communities. The OSR program is interdisciplinary, combining academic knowledge in the areas of systems, organizations, design, change, intervention, leadership, group dynamics, inquiry, global and multicultural perspectives.

How does your organization compliment the In2:InThinking Network?
Students in the OSR program learn to understand and address organizational challenges from a systems perspective. The program emphasizes the interconnections between personal, social, business, government, ecological, and global challenges. The systems perspective that is that is woven throughout the program is a compliment to the mission of the In2:InThinking Network.

Tell us about your membership. What does it mean to be a member of your organization and how does one become a member?
Our program is a graduate level masters program at Seattle University. One must apply through Seattle University for admission into the program. We do invite our greater community to attend Open Houses or conferences with some of our guest visiting faculty.

What resources does your organization offer its members?
Students attain a Master of Arts in Organizational Design and Renewal as a result of completion of our 2-year program. Other resources would include informational resources from having attended one of our conferences or Open Houses.

What exciting developments are on the horizon for your organization?
Our alumni association has recently become quite active and just hosted our first annual conference this past June. The conference name was, "Creating the Change You Want to See in the World." It featured Betty Sue Flowers, author of "Presence, Human Purpose and the Field of the Future." It also featured several of our graduates teaching workshops - Accessing the Power of Love to Create the Change You Wish to See and The Power of Inquiry were just two of the Conference workshop titles. We plan to hold our second annual conference next June 2, 2007. The conference theme and title are still to be determined but we are very excited and encouraged by the success of our first conference.

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