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We first featured the Deming Learning Network in our September 2006 newsletter.  We believe the resources of this organization will expand your thinking about thinking...

The Facts:
The aim of The Deming Learning Network is the continual organisational improvement through the application of learning.

How does your organization compliment the In2:InThinking Network?
The foundations of our thinking are based round the teachings of W. Edwards Deming.

Tell us about your membership. What does it mean to be a member of your organization and how does one become a member?
We recognise two forms of learning - individual and organisational - we believe they are different. So we have two types of members. Individual members for their own enlightenment and organisations to enable the organisational learning process.

What resources does your organization offer its members?
We facilitate a range of learning formats, from a CEO group, to "Challenging our Paradigms" presentations to "Member Evenings" discussing deeper issues. We also do research projects to identify the underpinning theories being used by an organisation. Plus we run some training events. We alse provide links into world-wide sources of knowledge such as In2:IN.

What exciting developments are on the horizon for your organization?
We are talking to the oil companies in Aberdeen in context of doing a research project to examining the underpinning theories that support their "safety" function. And then to pose the question - "are there more effective theories that if applied would reduce the occurance of accidents?"

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