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We first featured Pegasus in our July 2006 newsletter.  We believe the resources of this organization will expand your thinking about thinking...

Pegasus Communications - "Changing the world one system at a time"

The Facts: Pegasus Communications helps individuals, teams, and organizations thrive in an increasingly complex world. Since 1989, innovators working to spark and sustain positive change in the systems they care about have looked to Pegasus for resources and networking opportunities. Through a grounding in the rigorous principles and tools of systems thinking and related disciplines, practitioners from business, education, government, and the nonprofit world find the freedom to connect with others in new ways and design sustainable solutions to their most persistent challenges. From tentative first steps to great leaps of faith, we provide tools and ideas for changing the world one system at a time.

How We Support You
Events, such as the annual Systems Thinking in Action Conference, where leading theorists and practitioners from around the world meet to explore new concepts, build their skills, and share knowledge about organizational change.

Two newsletters, The Systems Thinker®, and Leverage Points®, present a systemic perspective on current issues with illustrative stories from the field, useful tools and practices, and provocative thought pieces to keep you pushing your learning edge.

Books and Audio/Video Resources run the gamut from quick reference "pocket guides" and introductory workbooks such as "System Thinking Basics: From Concepts to Causal Loops" to advanced system dynamics textbooks. Perennial bestsellers include the engaging Learning Fables series by David Hutchens, the practical Toolbox Reprint and Innovations in Management series, and a variety of videos and audio resources developed expressly for managers, trainers, and educators. View our catalog online.

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