In2:InThinking Network - Graphic Designer - Alex Iglecia  
  This page is dedicated to explanations of the graphic design of the Forum brochures, which have been designed for us by Alex Iglecia since 2004. Alex's comments on each year's brochure follows below. Link to Alex's website at  
logo 2011 Forum - Exploring Opportunities: Imagine...Define....Lead......
logo 2010 Forum - Juggling Roles, Goals, and Context...In2 Harmony
logo 2009 Forum - ...OurSpace - Bringing Progress In2 View

Backgrounds to page 2,3,4: concentric solid circles from the left meet concentric empty circles from the right, suggesting the interpenetration of deepening individuation (left) and expanding circles of inclusion (right)

Concentric circles emanating from the painting's eye: again suggesting that from the center of our self we draw ever expanding circles of inclusion

Color choices: from the first to the fifth page, the background colors follow the painting's color choices from the frame's edge in towards the iris. This is the journey to the heart of self, or the locus of perception.