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Weekend Conference Presentation
Morning Parallel-Track Session - June 10th

Visual Language: The Key to Success in Learning, Sharing, and Managing Others

Presented by Greg Whicker
Primary Focus: Tools & Processes
Secondary Focus: Understanding Systems


Abstract: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and yet we still primarily use words to share our stories, lessons, ideas, plans, etc. What if there was a simple (yet wildly effective) way to enhance how we tell stories, share ideas, make plans, understand systems, and communicate with others that you could not only start implementing right away, but that would increase collaboration, boost retention, and generate positive energy right from the start--with a group of any size and in any setting imaginable? Well...there is, and they've been doing it since man was living in caves...and I'm here to share it with you.


Greg Whicker

Biography: My mission is to bring about better communication, increased productivity, and more robust institutions through the skilled use of visual language in meetings, presentations, and learning environments. Groups literally come to life as key topics and main ideas are synthesized into large, colorful illustrations (in real time), fostering collaboration, stimulating creativity, and even adding an element of fun. By engaging with the drawing's content as it unfolds, participants can begin to see the "big picture" with greater clarity, helping to bring everyone together on the same page, and empowering them to address more openly the opportunities and challenges before them. Facilitation Graphics by Greg T. Whicker -- making meetings memorable!

Contact: Greg can be reached by e-mail at greg@facilitationgraphics.com for additional information about this Weekend Conference session.

Websites: www.facilitationgraphics.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/gregtwhicker

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