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About Our 2016 Forum

Our 15th Annual Forum, set for June 8th-12th, continues to expand "thinking about thinking," raising the prospects for thinking together, learning together, and working together in all organizations. Link here to learn about our previous Forums, as well as our Forum history.

Our 2016 Forum will be co-sponsored by Aerojet Rocketdyne and hosted by the School of Business and the College of Transdisciplinarity, in partnership with the Center for Leadership at Woodbury University in nearby Burbank.

For the first time in our 15-year history, we have selected the same title for consecutive years, “Know” Less – “Learn” More – INNOVATE!   What differs between years are the sub-titles, where we have selected “Expand Your Future” for 2016 and “Discover Our Future” for 2017.    In doing so, we are creating a 2-year focus on the contrast between knowing and learning, as well as a subtle shift in thinking from “Expand” to “Discover” as well as from, “Your Future” to “Our Future.”

Our inspiration comes in part from Josh Billings, the pen name of the 19th century author and humorist, Henry Wheeler Shaw.    Well known for provocations, Billings was fond of saying,  “I’d rather know a little less than so much that isn’t so.”  Dr. Deming was likewise inspired to use this quotation in his book, The New Economics.   

Our 5-day Forum begins with 3 days of Pre-Conference sessions on
                          June 8th, from 7:00am - 7:15pm,
                          June 9th, from 7:00am - 4:15pm,
                          June 10th, from 7:00am - 4:15pm

with 19 sessions to choose from, with a daily attendance fee of $25 and no parking fees at Woodbury University. Aside from our attendance fee, all Pre-Conference sessions are free to attend, with the except of one session, (R) Self-Organizing the "Creator" / "Innovator", with a $15 material fee. Add to this schedule, our Weekend Conference (on June 10th (5:00pm) - June 12th (12:00pm), for a registration fee ($350 before April 27th) and the result is our annual 5-day Forum.

As designed, our 2016 Forum aims to promote an environment where compelling ideas and insights will evolve from an exposure to new thoughts and open minds. (And these ideas and insights may lead you in untold exciting directions in your work and life after the Forum.)

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