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Session S - Pre-Conference Session
Friday, June 10th, 9am-12pm, 1:15-4:15pm

Mindful Leadership - A Master Class for ExtraOrdinary Wisdom at Work
Presented by Joel and Michelle Levey
Format: Workshop
Primary Focus: Mindfulness
Secondary Focus:
Culture Transformation


Description: Affirming the key role of executive presence, mindfulness, and mastery of attention in the life, work, health, and success of leaders. You’ll learn ways to realize truly extra-ordinary potentials as leaders and organizations by bringing deeper wisdom, mastery of attention, creativity, compassion, resilience, and humanity to thriving your life-work.

Target Audience: Organizational leaders - and - Anyone interested in the topic and instructors work.

Organizational Issues:
Affirming the key role of executive presence, mindfulness, and mastery of attention in the life, work, health, and success of leaders.

Increasing “change resilience”

Neurobiology of leadership

Increasing Collective Intelligence

Improving the quality of communication and relationships

Encouraging higher levels of Emotional Intelligence

Increasing individual and Collective mindfulness

Revitalizing leaders

Affirming our highest potentials, most heartfelt values, and personal mastery through the work we do.

Seamlessly integrating inner work and our work in the world

Developing thriving workplace cultures


• Learn profoundly practical skills for mindful clear presence, mastery of attention, calm intensity, and executive presence.

• Glean insights from research on Social Neurobiology and applied neuroplasticity which affirm that as you train your mind you you change your brain

- Discover a suite of “mind fitness skills” to activate greater wisdom to optimize your mental and emotional responses to challenging situations.

• Awaken deeper confidence in your capacity to transform and develop…

• Learn skills for gaining greater mindfulness, clear presence, calm intensity, and mastery of attention.

- Awaken deeper confidence in your capacity to be more resilient in the midst of change and to transform the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity of these “VUCA Times” into greater Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility. 

• Take away an understanding that your own example, decisions, and actions may have profound impact on the lives of countless other stakeholders.

Materials Needed: None

Cost: None

Available for download after the Forum

Joel & Michelle Levey

Biographies: Joel and Michelle Levey are among the foremost experts in the world integrating mindfulness and mind-fitness practices into the operating systems of mainstream organizations. Drawing insights from 45+ years of pioneering work they offer a wealth of profoundly practical methods and compelling examples inspired by their work with thousands of leaders and high-performing teams around the globe from organizations including: NASA, Google, Intel, Boeing, US Special Forces, World Bank, British Parliament.

Contact: Joel & Michelle can be reached by e-mail at levey@wisdomatwork.com for additional information about this Post-Conference session.

Website: WisdomAtWork.com






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