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Session J - Pre-Conference Session
Wednesday, June 8th, 5:15-7:15pm

Expanding Our Thinking Capability:
Using Neuroplasticity and Biohacking to Keep Up
With the Robots

Presented by Pam Hartman and Marco Cassone

Format: Workshop
Primary Focus: Mind-Body Harmony
Secondary Focus: Leadership


Description: There are still many secrets to learn about the brain, but what Neuroscience is telling us is good news!  Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life, and it also allows for the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.  Biohacking is to use system thinking, science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, mind, and your life.  Knowledge of both will increase your performance, and lead to a happier, more productive life.  You may even be able to teach the robots a thing or two.

Target Audience: This interactive workshop will be useful to anyone who wants to learn how to break through the barriers of cognitive impasse!  The tools and techniques can be used for personal transformation and for increasing your effectiveness as a leader or follower.

Organizational Issues:
We are facing an unprecedented complexity challenge in our organizations.  The human brain is wired to react and protect itself from the high-demand, stressful workplace.  When we overwhelm our brain, it automatically tries to revert back to the comfort of cave-like thinking!  The key is to use insights from neuroscience, and technological advances to free ourselves and bypass the back brain, releasing our true capacity for creativity and super-intelligence.  In the weeks before September 11th, the US Army War College coined the term “VUCA” to stand for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments.  A new level of interconnection and interdependence being drive by globalization, information technology, economic and political instability, and climate requires a new kind of leadership.

An interactive session engaging mind, body and heart: 

• Understand that the highest leadership of all balances the 3 brains working together; Mind, Heart and Gut 
• Getting your “VUCA” on…assessing your cognitive and leadership ability. 
• How does Neuroplasticity show up in organizations? 
• How do we use insights from neuroscience and the new health technologies to re-boot, re-fresh and re-energize our minds and bodies? 
• Walk out with a commitment to integrate one new habit that could multiply your neural pathways, and increase your thinking capacity!



Materials Needed:

Available for download after the Forum

Pam Hartman

Biography: In early 2014, Pam Hartman was seeking some time off after many years of intense project work, managing change on global, corporate IT transformations.  A friend steered her to volunteer at the Salvation Army Bell Shelter’s new Neurofeedback clinic established to help recovering addicts and veterans with PTSD.  What Pam thought would simply be an interesting break, quickly turned into trial by fire and a tremendous learning experience into a new field of alternative health.  She continues to work one day a week at the shelter leading Alpha Theta Neurofeedback and Spiritual practice groups.  With a revved up life’s focus, Pam continues her consulting work for organizational effectiveness with a new spin that goes deeper into the wellness capability of a leader’s thinking capacity - beyond mere coaching - integrating neuroscience, frequency tools, and functional medicine.  She started a home-based private practice, Neuro-Wize, to assist others with alternative personal brain training services such as NeurOptimal Neurofeedback, Lenyo PEMF (Pulse Electric Magnetic Frequency) BRT (BioRegulation Therapy) mats, and conducts brain health workshops with the goal to infuse more happiness into the day-to-day life of a leader. 

In early 2016, Pam will begin an intensive 9-month program to become a certified Biohacking Coach with Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive and Coffee guru.    As an early pioneer in Human Resources, she looks forward to becoming more involved in advising organizations how to break new ground and establish Brain Training or Biohacking Clinics to spur greater creativity and collaboration. 

Pam graduated from the University of Oregon with both a B.S. and M.S. in Public Management after 10 years in the U.S. Air Force as one of the first female Law Enforcement Officers.  Pamela has worked in many countries both in the military, and as a corporate consultant. She and her partner live on a ranch with horses, llamas, chickens, rescue cats, and multiple bird species.

Contact: Pam can be reached by e-mail at pamela@phbalanceconsulting.com for additional information about this Pre-Conference session



and www.linkedin.com/in/pamelahartman


Marco Cassone

Biography: Marco Cassone, MSOD, has 10 years of experience working as a facilitator, educator, and performance coach to small-to-medium businesses throughout North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Early in his career, Marco designed and facilitated experiential learning programs for workforce sensitivity, diversity and inclusion, and conflict management. These honed his skills in addressing group dynamics, communication, and organizational trust and alignment. Marco’s recent professional focus has targeted executive coaching, leadership development, and team building offsites for senior leaders in industries including healthcare, entertainment, and media/technology, as well as in the government public sector. Marco’s study of the behavioral sciences culminated in graduate research on transformation in human systems, with an M.S. in Organization Development from Pepperdine University. Marco currently serves as an elected Trustee on the national Board of the Organization Development Network, overseeing member engagement for the largest professional association of OD practitioners in the world.

Contact: Marco can be reached by e-mail at m.cassone@me.com for additional information about this session.


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