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Weekend Conference Presentations - June 12th-14th  

Link here to find the time line of our complete Weekend Conference agenda, which begins on Friday, June 12th with Happy Hour at 5:00pm and dinner at 6:00pm, followed by a keynote presentation. Our program continues with a full day on Saturday, June 13th, and ends at noon on Sunday, June 14th.

Links to the individual keynote and parallel-track presenters follow below.

Keynote Presentations;

Friday, June 12th, Opening Keynote - Kevin Murphy
Application and Lessons of Deming's Perspective  on Leadership
Saturday, June 13th, Morning Keynote - Pauline Arneberg
Aspiration, Inspiration, and Achievement

Saturday, June 13th, Midday Keynote - Jon Bergstrom
Artful Leadership - Breaking the Mold

Sunday, June 14th, Closing Keynote - Vince Barabba
A Practical Application of Systems Leadership

All four keynote presentations will be graphically recorded by Greg Whicker, who is joining us this year for his first Forum. Link here to learn more about Greg, including examples results of his efforts.

Parallel-Track Presentations;

Saturday, June 13th, Morning Parallel-Track Presentations

Kevin Cahill
Breaking the Mold on Leadership - My Journey of Discovery                            

Steve Dightman and Dave Nave
Thinking In Community While Framing Your Project -
Beyond Playing Nice

H. Eric Schockman
Leadership and the Digital-Native Generation:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Bill Bellows and Friends
Organizations as Unusual:
Shift from Big Problems to Great Opportunities (An InThinking Primer)

Saturday, June 13th, Afternoon Parallel-Track Presentations

Pauline Arneberg
Keeping Your Cool Under and With Fire

Mike Beck
By What Method? (Reflections on Approaches to Leadership)

Stuart Swalwell
Leading with Variation

Bill Bellows and Friends
The Economics of Teamwork:
What to think when addition does not work (An InThinking Primer)

Saturday Evening Collaborative, Featuring Musical Guest,

James Lee Stanley

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