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Session N - Pre-Conference Session
To Trust or Not to Trust (That is the Question)
Presented by Jengiz Gocer and Hugh McAlister


Description: In this workshop we will explore the competency of trust; looking through the lenses of various components of learning and using the following concept as our starting point:

Trust increases interactions among and between individuals with a goal of enhancing understanding.

Using a series of vignettes and discussions we shall continue the inquiry into the types of interactions that will enhance understanding between and among individuals. In addition, we’ll use elements of IBM's The Learner Within™ system to introduce learning elements that can help each of us build increasingly strong “meaning-making” systems.

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for those who want to explore more deeply the processes that result in enhanced awareness between and among people; everyone interested in learning new skills for building trust or letting go; answering the question:  “To Trust Or Not To Trust?”

Organizational Issues: Some of the aspects of trust we’ll explore are the following:

  • What kinds of information do you trust?
  • The connections that are enriched as trust develops.
  • How trust facilitates accessing energy and sources of your power.
  • How you can learn to trust your intuition, to answer your inner voice.
  • How differences among people can work for trust, rather than against it.
  • The relationship between trust and risk.
  • Learning to let go and let trust grow.

Objectives: Following this workshop the participants will have a stronger personal understanding of trust and they will have new tools for strengthening their understanding of themselves and of others, building blocks of trust.

Date: Friday, April 29th

Length: 3 hours (9:00-12:00pm)

Location: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - 6633 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park

Cost: None

Handouts: Available for download after the Forum

Jengiz Gocer

Biography: Jengiz holds a higher degree of mechanical engineering. (Istanbul Technical University).  He speaks multiple languages.  Since 1995, he has facilitated numerous workshops internationally, using an IBM method for Executive Learning.  Jengiz works as a relationship coach and as a learning consultant. He lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife Izgy. Jengiz has insatiable passion for learning that causes change in thinking which results in desired outcomes.

Contact: Jengiz can be reached by e-mail at jengiz@jengiz.com for additional information about this pre-conference session.

Website: www.thelearnerwithin.com

Hugh McAllister

Biography: Hugh has a passion for the integration of learning systems, quality management systems and client (customer) satisfaction systems.  He works with organizations to address the aims of these organizational sub-systems and to bring data to the table for the synthesis of knowledge from the data each sub-system provides.

Hugh is a graduate of Siena College.  He went to Harvard, but that was just a drive through one spring day, so we told him it doesn’t count.  His greatest contribution to organizations is his ability to think outside the quadrilateral parallelogram.  His teenage daughter, Meghan, gave him that term and he is running with it.  Ask him if he knows what it means? Hugh is known for creativity and humor in his work and he brings these characteristics to the way he looks at and works within systems. 

Contact: Hugh can be reached by e-mail at hrmcallister@aol.com for additional information about this pre-conference session.


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