Conference Session
Creating Ideal Organizations with Complexity Leadership

Presented by Ryan Schoenbeck


Abstract: Are you or the people you work with tired of experiencing stress, frustration, and isolation in an uncertain work environment? Have you given up that there is any other way?

By attending this interactive session you will walk away with a lens and a model to immediately bring into practice at work for creating ideal organizations. The groundwork will begin with exploring our perceptions. A comprehensive matrix of the polarities of traditional and emerging perspectives will be presented. Next we will cover the essence of systems and Complexity Leadership. This edge of leadership congruent with modern science is inclusive, focused on rich interactions, and understands and embraces uncertainty. A model of an ideal organization from the results of 7 years of research hosted by a Fortune 500 company with participants from over 239 organizations will be presented. Especially those of you familiar with Bill Bellows' Blue Pen Company exercise will want to come to this. This session will include dialogue and exercises intentionally designed to be informative and practical. I invite you to bring your desire to be curious, open, and to participate together contributing to creating desirable possibilities.

Ryan Schoenbeck

Biography: Ryan graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on what would an ideal organization look like and interactive models of leadership. He is an adjunct professor for the graduate school of management and business at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas where he taught the foundation course entitled Systemic Intervention and designed and taught two courses named Complexity Leadership in Organizations and Intentional Organizational Design and Renewal. He is also the CEO and founder of ActionLiving, LLC providing international professional coaching, consulting, and public speaking services. Ryan works with people and organizations to intentionally align values, integrate passions, nurture authentic learning desires, and contribute strengths to ideal systems to which they are integral and co-create. Ryan has spoke at international conferences and is an active member of the International Leadership Association. Ryan is excited about exploring possibilities to contribute with others in the future.

Contact: Ryan can be reached by e-mail at for additional information about this conference session.


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