Conference Session
From Imagination to Manifestation

Presented by Norman Seeff


Abstract: TBD

Norman Seeff

Biography: Norman was born in South Africa and left for the U.S. after an early career as a doctor in emergency medicine, specializing in the management of traumatic shock. Once in New York, he began a career as a photographer that led him to interact with artists ranging from The Band, Patti Smith, and Andy Warhol and eventually to the likes of Carly Simon, Steve Martin, the Rolling Stones, and Steve Jobs. In this capacity, his creative interaction with artists inspired him to film his sessions beginning with an Ike & Tina Turner session in 1975. Using the photo session as a vehicle for exploring the inner dynamics of the creative process with artists at work, these sessions soon became legendary and attracted audiences of 30-40, swelling to over 200 on some occasions. According to his wikipedia site, these sessions were "a combination of actor's workshop and a celebration of creative spontaneity, Norman's sessions were emotionally engaging experiences that resulted in many iconic images with leading artists and innovators of the time." He has continued these sessions for the past 35 years.

Contact: Norman can be reached by e-mail at for additional information about this conference session.


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