Conference Speaker Profile - Peter Stonefield  
Peter Stonefield

Biography: Peter holds a B.S.E.E., M.A., Ph.D. and is President of Stonefield Learning Group. In this capacity, he serves as an executive and technical staff coach, consultant and trainer. He was an electronic engineer, marketing and sales executive for the Bunker-Ramo Corporation before becoming a psychologist. Peter was inspired by Psychologist, Carl Rogers and one on ones with two time Nobel Prize winning marine biologist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi regarding his theory of a Drive In All Living Matter To Perfect Itself.  Roberto Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis transformed his life and his studies with General Systems Theorist, Eric Jantsch, author of The Self-organizing Universe, gave him a more scientific understanding of Psychosynthesis. Finally, W.E. Deming’s work opened the door to taking this knowledge into business and government.

Peter has taught graduate-level courses on Cognitive and Creative Process, Psychosynthesis, Counseling Psychology, the Integration of Mind and Feelings and Mind Meditation and Creativity.  He has successfully completed over 200 consulting engagements, created more than 20 different training and development programs and coached over 300 executives and engineers. Some of the business training programs he developed are The Will to Excellence, Optimal Thinking, Managing Innovation, TQM, Agile Communications, Agile Leadership, Knowledge Management, Managing Change, Creative Thinking and Architecture for Teamwork. He has also facilitated the development of 10 knowledge leveraging “Communities of Practice” in engineering and marketing organizations.  His client list includes Apple Computer, Baxter Laboratories, Dow Chemical, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Stanford University, PPG, Sun Microsystems, U.S. Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection Agency and General Services Administration. He was the principal consultant to, Region IX of the US Dept. Of Labor, the winner of the 1992 US President's Quality Award for Managing Change and the 1994 winner of the GSA Administrator’s Quality Award for Managing Change. 

Peter recently drafted a vision for computing for Sun Microsystems. His mission is to catalyze and accelerate the evolution of organizations and people. He is currently working with high tech startups in Silicon Valley.

Title: iPowered Self-Management

Abstract: Do you get reactive, frustrated, defensive or judgmental? Are you sometimes a party  in unproductive conflict?  Do you avoid productive conflict or other difficult situations?  Do you procrastinate or have difficulty sustaining your motivation?  Are you resilient or adaptive when faced with change? Do old habits limit your effectiveness?  Do you believe there are “Success Strategies”-qualities, skills, behaviors or attitudes, which, if you had them, would make you much more effective? What prevents you from acquiring them? If you understood why other people react as they do would you be more effective? Are you aware of how you are thinking about these questions right now?

Bringing Progress In2View in My Space and OurSpace is much easier when we have the inner executive power to peripherally observe and change thinking and emotions-in-progress. Without some awareness of our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations in real time we do not have a choice to change them. And we can’t make a choice to think, feel or act differently without the will power to overcome the momentum of thinking and feeling habits. Will is the inner power to make choices independent of impulse, thought, feeling or desire. Consciously and intentionally observing and changing thinking and feeling in real time enables people to think with greater syntropy-together and toward shared goals, purposes or next steps. It is unlikely that we can evolve My Space and OurSpace unless most of the people can develop and maintain relatively high degrees of "self-directing" or "syntropic mind".  A system that can see itself and act on what it sees is inherently more agile, adaptive and effective.