E + e = E   

Whether working in an office or in the backyard, who doesn't relish the time savings and labor savings, not to mention blister savings, of tools ranging from a stapler to a smart phone to a shovel?   Just as pliers provide a mechanical advantage when tightening a bolt, tools provide an economic advantage, more results with less effort. That is, if we first contemplate whether the task should be done at all.   Russ Ackoff summed it up well with a thought that is easy to understand, yet perhaps trickier to state.  With credit to Peter Drucker, Russ offered that "it is better to do the right thing wrong, than the wrong thing right."   As a corollary, he added, "the righter you do the wrong thing, the wronger you become." 

In his book, Differences that Make a Difference, Russ left us with helpful explanations of pairs of words and concepts which are often used interchangeably, with subsequent confusion and, perhaps, turmoil.   One example is management and leadership, which Russ defined as the difference between a staff member doing something their boss's way (management) as opposed to "their own way" (leadership).   Another is Errors of Omission and Errors of Commission, with the former focusing on "not doing something which should have been done" and the latter focusing on "doing something which should not have been done." In distinguishing efficient and effective (E+e), the latter addresses the question of the right thing to do, which, in turn, leads to an appreciation of the size of the system under consideration.    Adjust the size of the system, in time or space, and what's right could become wrong, only to become right with another increase or decrease in the size of the system. (If only one size system fit all!)   A focus on effective precedes a focus on executing faster, better, or cheaper, but three of many ways to deliver on efficient.  
In designing our 2016 Forum, we have invited an eclectic mix of presenters from across the US and UK to share their expertise, through 2-hour, 3-hour, or 6-hour Pre-Conference sessions, or through a 75-minute Weekend Conference session.  From "Mindful Leadership - A Master Class for ExtraOrdinary Leadership at Work,"  with Joel and Michelle Levey to an exploration of the methods of Moshe Feldenkrais, with Julie Francis, to the "Beer Game" with Dave Nave and Steve Dightman, to "4 Simple Steps to Inspirational Innovation," with Dale Deardorff, our 19 Pre-Conference sessions will set the stage for a weekend of thinking and learning together through keynote and parallel-track sessions. All ending with a 90-minute "Connections, Reflections, and Commitment" Café, led by Jamie Riche.
Through these planned sessions, and untold unplanned sessions with fellow thought leaders, our attendees will have ample opportunities to refresh their appreciation of techniques for improving both their effectiveness and efficiency, with an improved awareness of their difference.   To do so is to achieve improved efficaciousness (E+e=E), the capability of having the desired result or effect.
If you are interested in passing through your current understanding of matriarchies, leadership, continuous improvement, variation reduction, collaboration, and mental models, through thinking together about thinking, we invite you to join with peers at the In2:InThinking Network's 2016 Forum in Los Angeles, California, from June 8th through 12th, on the campus of Woodbury University.    This year, our ever timely focus will be; 

"Know" Less - "Learn" More - INNOVATE!
Expand Your Future 

For more information, visit our 2016 Forum website or e-mail us at registrar@in2in.org.  Moving past April 27th, our Forum registration fee is now $400 for our Weekend Conference.  We also offer a $200 registration fee for full-time students.
If you are not able to attend our Weekend Conference, you are most welcome to attend any of our 19 Pre-Conference sessions, including our new "The Dialogic Sessions," all free, with the exception of a $15 material fee for session R, Self-Organizing the "Creator" / "Innovator."  

Webcasting is also an option; find details at this link.   
Following a change we instituted for the first time in 2015, we are charging a daily fee ($25) to participate in the Pre-Conference sessions. This fee will help us to offset expenses for meals (Continental Breakfast and Lunch) and handouts associated with these sessions.   As for incidental expenses, note that Woodbury University does not charge a parking fee.
Registration Deadlines
Register by Sunday, May 15th to reserve our discounted room rates at the Hampton Inn 
Register by Monday, June 6th to attend any of our Pre-Conference sessions
Register by Saturday, June 11th to attend our Weekend Conference 

For a glimpse of the excitement we offer, link here for a photo montage from our 2012 Forum.   Link here for a complete list of our previous 2016 Forum UPDATES.  
In2:InThinking Network 2016 Forum Team 

NEW - Forum Video Subscription Service
Through the services of Vimeo on Demand, we now offer a Forum Video subscription series. Select videos from our Forum catalog are available for online viewing for a low monthly fee (launching at $5 per month), with new videos from our 15-year library added quarterly. Eventually, our entire Forum video library will be viewable through this subscription series, with monthly rates maintained at the level at which subscribers join. This will be a great way to revisit some of your favorite presentations or see speakers you missed.

Link here to learn more.

Coming Next   
Through a partnership with CC-M Productions, we are proud to announce that our Vimeo on Demand library will soon expend to include the videos such as CC-M's 7-volume "Better Management for a Changing World."   Our CC-M subscription series will include Russ Ackoff on The New World View, The Big Picture, The New Leadership, and Doing the Right Thing Right. It also includes Gerald Suarez on Managing Fear; Change, Improvement, and Fear; and Managing Fear: How to Begin.

Deming Institute Workshop, May 23-25, New York
The W. Edwards Deming Institute, a 15-year "Forum Partner InThinking," is excited to announce a 2.5-day workshop on Effective & Efficient Leadership.

At this seminar you will learn to look at your organization through a new lens: a lens of how to make your system better - and thus get better results. You will gain new knowledge to remove barriers, increase efficiencies, reduce wasted time, boost motivation, and provide better insight into what's really going on in your organization.

Link here to learn more.

Dutch Association of Research Quality Assurance
Jubilee Conference, May 26, Amersvoort, NL
DARQA, the Dutch Association of Research Quality Assurance, a new "Forum Partner InThinking," is celebrating 35 years of activity with a Jubiliee event, featuring a conference on May 27th, preceded by a pre-conference on May 26th.

Quality thinking and systems thinking is universally applicable, therefore the pre-conference and conference events welcome delegates from ALL quality driven sectors including; chemical & energy industry, ICT, aviation/aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, lithography, education, agriculture and financial institutions.  Take full advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from the experts and ask your questions during the panel discussions by preparing questions and sending cases with your registration.

Link here to learn more about these events.

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