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Bruce Barr, perhaps the senior member of the In2:InThinking Network, was born in 1921 and resides in San Diego.  He is a frequent Forum attendee as well as a steady source of inspiration, forever reminding us that we are "Learners All."   In the spirit of brevity, Bruce's learning journey took him from his hometown of Kokomo, Indiana, through the blitz in London during World War 2 as a member of the U.S. Army, and on to southern California, where he earned his Ph.D. in psychology under the direction of Jack Gibb, a leader in the field of humanistic psychology and Trust Level theory.   With the formation of a "Deming User Group" in San Diego in the early 1980s, Bruce learned about Dr. Deming and his emerging System of Profound Knowledge, including psychology as one of the four interdependent elements of this system.  

In contrast to the prevailing system of management, which Dr. Deming believed "has destroyed our people,"
Bruce could readily identify with Deming's observations about people, including;

People are born with intrinsic motivation, self-respect, dignity, curiosity to learn, joy in learning.

The forces of destruction begin with toddlers -- a prize for the best Halloween costume, grades in school, gold stars -- and on up through the university.

Absent these forces of destruction, might we remain "Learners All" in our respective life journeys, from childhood through retirement? 


Might each of us retain the curiosity to lead, to "show-and-tell," to bring forth a new order of ideas, from the redesign of products, processes, and services to discoveries of ever more systemic practices for the management of resources? 


In addition to being "Learners All," might we also remain "Leaders All," no matter where we are within the hierarchy of our organizations?   


If you are interested in exploring and dissolving unseen forces that stand in the way of leadership and teamwork in industry, government, and education, through thinking together about thinking, we invite you to join with peers at the In2:InThinking Network's 2015 Forum in Los Angeles, California, from June 10th through 14th, on the campus of Woodbury University.  This year, our ever timely focus will be;  


"Break the Mold: Aspire, Inspire, Achieve"

For more information, visit our 2015 Forum website or e-mail us at registrar@in2in.org.  Our Forum registration fee is $400 for our Weekend Conference, with a $50 discount for registrations received by midnight, Pacific Time, on April 29th.     We also offer a $200 registration fee for full-time students.

If you are not able to attend our Weekend Conference, you are most welcome to attend any of our 17 Pre-Conference sessions, all free, with the exception of a $40 material fee for session N, What We're Learning About the Brain and a $15 fee for session O,  Self-Organizing the "Change Agent."   Webcasting is also an option; find details at this link.    A $25 discount on our webcasting offer is in place until April 29th.


Registration Deadlines

Register by Monday, May 18th to reserve our discounted room rates at the Hampton Inn 

Register by Monday, June 8th to attend any of our Pre-Conference sessions

Register by Saturday, June 13th to attend our Weekend Conference 


If you are not ready to register, but are likely to attend, please complete our RSVP Survey to help us with attendee estimates in our planning efforts.  

For a glimpse of the excitement we offer, link here for a photo montage from our 2012 Forum.   Link here for a complete list of our previous 2015 Forum UPDATES.  


In2:InThinking Network 2015 Forum Team 

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