In2:InThinking Network 2014 Forum and  
Art of Innovation (AOI) Conference UPDATE


Dear Bill Bellows, 


After a year of planning, our 13th Annual Forum begins on Wednesday, June 18th, and remains open through Sunday, June 22nd, all to be held in the University Student Union (USU) complex at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).  The Forum continues to expand "thinking about thinking," raising the consciousness of better thinking in individuals and organizations.   We are also excited to be a partner in CSUN's second Art of Innovation Conference, set for Friday, June 20th.


Our 5-day Forum begins with 3 days of Pre-Conference sessions on:


                   June 18th, from 7:00am - 7:15pm
                   June 19th, from 7:00am - 4:15pm 
                   June 20th, from 7:00am - 4:15pm

Also in this announcement, please refer to the list on the right side for Forum and Art of Innovation Conference reminders and other useful information for your stay with us in Southern California.
Throughout our five-day Forum and the one-day Art of Innovation Conference, we invite you to share your experience with us on Twitter and Instagram.   See below for hashtags for these social networks, for both our Forum and the Art of Innovation Conference; 
  • Twitter, please use #2014in2inforum when sharing your Forum insights and reflections, and #2014aoiconf for sharing insights and reflections from the Art of Innovation Conference.

  • Instagram, please use #2014in2inforum when sharing your Forum images and #2014aoiconf for Art of Innovation Conference images.  

    See you soon!  


    Safe travels!   


    2014 Forum Team

    Art of Innovation (AOI) Conference Welcome 


    Dear AOI Conference Attendees:

    We want to thank you for registering for the Art of Innovation Conference. We look forward to welcoming you there.  The conference is a joint event with the In2:InThinking Network organized at CSUN.  

    Please visit our conference website at this link for more information. As registered attendees, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.  The registration fee that you have paid to attend the conference includes coffee, continental breakfast, and lunch. You will also have the opportunity to mingle with the In2:InThinking Network's 2014 Forum attendees.

    Best regards,
    S. Jimmy Gandhi and Ileana Costea

    Conference  Co-Chairs

    HELP NEEDED - Survey for Attendees of our Weekend Conference (June 20-22) 
    Please help us with the accuracy of our meal count projections during our Weekend Conference events by taking a few minutes to complete our survey at this link.   This survey also includes questions for residence hall guests (same link as Residence Hall Guest survey below).

    Follow this link to see the meal plans for our entire Forum.
    HELP NEEDED - Survey for Residence Hall Guests
    Link here for our guest survey (which includes our Weekend Conference survey, above) to help us plan for your arrival.

    We have reserved rooms for Forum attendees in Lupin Hall, our residence hall, which is building 11 in this two-page map.   Upon your arrival on campus, go to the Residence Hall Office (building 9) to pick up your room key and room package.  

    Link here for information on use of your suite.

    Where to Join In 

    All sessions for our Forum and the Art of Innovation Conference will be held in CSUN's University Student Union (USU), with each day beginning at 7am with continental breakfast in the Northridge Center conference room (NRC).   As a reminder, CSUN's address is 18111 Nordhoff Street in Northridge.  Link to our 2-page map to see where to find us, as well as where to park ($6 per day).   See below for parking instructions and our residence housing location.
    Registration Results  
    As we move into the final stages of preparation, Forum attendance stands is approaching 100 attendees for activities over our entire five-day Forum.   Attendance for the Art of Innovation Conference is fast approaching 50 attendees. 
    Change in Plans? 
    Let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your registration for either our Forum or the Art of Innovation Conference.    If you would like to update your registration, including adding a Pre-Conference session or changing a session, please use our Forum Registration Update Survey at this link.
    Upon your arrival, we will provide you with a badge when you check in at our registration table.  This year's Forum badge design incorporates a photograph by Clark Woodford, our 2014 Forum artist.
    The Art of Innovation Conference artwork and badge was designed by Jerry McDaniel.
    Your name (both first and last) will appear on the badge as it appears in the greeting above. 
    Please let us know if you would like to change the way your name appears so that we can complete the change before the Forum and Art of Innovation Conference.
    Forum Liability Waiver 
    Included in our registration process for attendees of our Forum is an injury liability waiver.   Link here to read the waiver in advance of arriving.  For insurance purposes, signing the our Registration Log is required to attend any of our Forum activities.

    CEUs and Certificates of Completion

    For anyone interested, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Certificates of Completion are available for any of the events you participate in during the Forum or Art of Innovation Conference.   Contact Bill Bellows after these events with your request.
    Parking and Walking 
    Parking rates on the CSUN campus are $6 per day, with parking lots and garages (G8 and G9 on Zelzah Avenue) close to the residence hall, Lupin Hall (building 11 in the attached map).   The closest parking lot to the USU complex is G3.    

    Link here for parking information. 

    Please note that kiosks in the parking lots accept both credit cards and cash.   Please be prepared with exact cash, should credit card processing not work, which is often the case.

    Walking distance to the Forum and Art of Innovation Conference events from Lupin Hall is 15 minutes.   Walking shoes are suggested.
    Items for Sale - Forum Videos and Shirts
    Attendees of our Weekend Conference can pre-order the 2014 Forum videos with a non-refundable payment of $125 and receive online access to the entire collection of videos for the Weekend Conference presentations. The regular price is $150 for those who do not attend our Weekend Conference. This offer is only valid for Weekend Conference attendees who order on or before June 22nd, 2014. This order can be placed during the Weekend Conference or when completing our online Forum registration process.


    T-shirts, denim shirts, and polo shorts will be sold on each day of the Forum.  Link here to see our collection of In2:IN Wear.

    Payment options are limited to checks and credit cards.   Cash sales are prohibited.

    Dress Code 
    Dress for both the Forum and Art of Innovation Conference is business casual.  Follow this link to see examples of the dress code in action.  
    Southern California weather continues with its normal variation.  Mild temperatures are expected to continue, highs in the 80's (F, or high 20's C) and lows in the 50's (F, or 10C), with the famous SoCal sunshine greeting us each day.  Check the weather as the week goes on at this link, in case something does vary.   
    Hotel Rooms, Travel Plans, and Local Transportation  
    Residence hall suites at CSUN and Airtel Plaza Hotel are still available.   Check our resources links for advice on lodging and local transportation.

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    HELP NEEDED - Weekend Conference Attendees
    HELP NEEDED - Residence Hall Guests
    Where to Join In
    Registration Results
    Change in Plans?
    Forum Liability Waiver
    CEUs and Certificates of Completion
    Parking and Walking
    Items for Sale
    Dress Code
    Hotel Rooms, Travel Plans

    In2:InThinking Network
    For the twelfth year in a row, we've contracted with Kid Flix, the after-school video services team at Placerita Junior High School in nearby Valencia, California to videotape the  Weekend Conference portion of our 2014 Forum.  Once again, the Kid Flix "CREW" is being led by Paul Kass in recording the footage.   The resulting videos will be converted into our final videos by Dave Nave & Associates, all available for download to any of your personal devices.   The package of 10 presentations, plus the performance of our Evening Collaborative guests, Lisa Tenorio, Leslie Garman, and David Ewart, sells for $150.  Weekend Conference attendees can order this collection of videos with a $25 attendee discount at the Forum.   In addition to ordering now, you can order this video package at the Forum.
    Offer Expires: June 22, 2014
    In2:InThinking Network | P.O. Box 9384 | Canoga Park | CA | 91309