2013 Forum
The Conspiracy to End "I Me Mine" Teamwork  

From lemons to roses to garlic breath, Google's latest technology, Google Nose, now offers users the ability to include aromas in their search results.   Leave it to Google to raise the bar of satisfaction in search engine technology on April Fool's Day.  


On a more serious note, the cover story of this week's Time magazine, "The Conspiracy to End Cancer," offers increased hope to those battling cancer, their families and friends, plus those who may face a cancer diagnosis in the future.  According to this article, which begins with the prediction and confession, "The hero scientist who defeats cancer will likely never exist; "the disease is much more complex than we have been treating it"", the number of new cancer diagnoses in the US is projected to be 1.7 million in 2013, up from 1.4 million in 2005.  Realizing that "cancer doesn't wait two years," experimental treatment cycles have been reduced from 30 years to two years; still too slow for too many patients. 


Medical foundations are becoming aware that their efforts to dramatically reduce treatment cycles, from years to weeks and days, must challenge the "All through the day, I me mine" model of a principal investigator winning a grant and seeking sole glory; a "team of one".  Slowly, but surely, foundation funding is shifting to foster a "we ours" science model, with researchers required to share resources (including funding, perspectives, ideas, equipment, data, and credit) across collegiate and national boundaries.   Might the Conspiracy to End Cancer coincide with the Conspiracy to End "I Me Mine" Teamwork, and also give hope to the prospects for redefining teamwork in all organizations?


If you're interested in exploring the limitless implications of teamwork in health care, as well as in industry, government, and education, through better thinking about thinking, we invite you to join with peers at the In2:InThinking Network 2013 Forum in Los Angeles, California, from June 19th through 23rd, on the campus of California State University, Northridge (CSUN).  This year, our ever timely focus will be;   


"The Art of Reflection: Connect - Inspire - Act"

For more information, visit our 2013 Forum website at www.in2in.org/forums/2013 or e-mail us at registrar@in2in.org.  Our Forum registration fee is $400 for our Weekend Conference, with a $50 discount for registrations received by midnight, Pacific Time, on May 8th.  

If you are not able to attend our Weekend Conference, you are most welcome to attend any of our 18 Pre-Conference sessions, all free, with the exception of a $40 material fee for one (N - What We're Learning About the Brain).   Webcasting is also an option; find details at this link.


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