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Happy Holidays from the In2:InThinking Network!

As you continue to enjoy the holiday season, with 2012 only hours away (or here already for those in the south Pacific), we're proud to announce plans for our 2012 Forum, set for April 19th-24th in Los Angeles. 

Join us as we celebrate 11 years of providing access to novel ideas that are essential to teamwork in any organization, with a simple theory that the ability to work together and learn together is built upon a foundation of thinking together.  Once again, we are hosting a 6-day networking event with thought leaders that includes 2 days of Pre-Conference seminars and workshops (all free to attend), followed by a weekend Conference, and ending with 2 days of Post-Conference seminars and workshops (all free, but for one with a $40 materials cost). 

Bring your ideas, stories, experiences, challenges, and opportunities to share and explore with peers in an environment that is remarkably open to possibilities.   For those who choose to attend our weekend Conference, the discounted price is $350 until March 8th, when the fee increases to $400.  Whatever you decide, we invite you to join us for 1 day or all 6 days and take advantage of our once-a-year adventure, where our partnership with attendees, presenters, and a growing list of "Partners InThinking" provides a forum of exceptional ideas for an exceptional value.


We are proud to announce that registration is now open for our 2012 Forum, titled   


Leading with Better Questions


In selecting this title, we were reminded of the wisdom of Russ Ackoff, who advised us on more than one occasion that "the questions are more important than the answers." We were also influenced by W. Edwards Deming, whose simple questions included "What business are we in?, What business will we be in 5 years from now, 10 years from now?"   Leading with Better Questions, as in all continuous  improvement efforts, suggests that questions can always be better and then better again, not bounded by an illusion of perfection.  As with the questions listed on our welcome page, better questions can foster a deeper reflection on the status of current efforts to work together, both within an organization, as well as with its customers and suppliers, the communities and environment, in which it operates, and the future, all elements of its system.   We believe that a greater awareness of our thinking and the assumptions behind our actions, will promote activities that minimize sub-optimization through a focus on interactions and not the "parts taken separately."   


And now, we ask you to invest a few minutes of your time for a glimpse of the many dimensions of our 2012 Forum website (with summary details below) and, considering what you will experience at our Forum, join us in April.


When you're ready, link below to register using our upgraded system, provided by Click & Pledge, one of our new "Partners InThinking" for 2012;


Register Now  


For memories of our 2011 Forum, follow these links to see a photo montage or a short video, courtesy of students of David Gillette at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

Best regards and Happy New Year!

In2:InThinking Network 2012 Forum Team 
In2:InThinking Network 2012 Forum

Leading with Better Questions

In2:InThinking Network
Each month, we join with Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's (PWR) InThinking Network to invite you to participate in a conference call with esteemed Thought Leaders and meet them mind-to-mind through the Ongoing Discussion conference calls.   We'll also partner with PWR in 2012 on a new addition to their InThinking Roadmap efforts, the "Better Thinking About..." webinars, starting in February.  Once a year, we invite you to meet such Thought Leaders and fellow Network members; and meet them both mind-to-mind and face-to-face.  Soon, it will be time to reconvene in Los Angeles.


Through our planning efforts, we selected a Forum theme which is inspired by the efforts of our members to engage in thinking transformations. This year we celebrate the ability of our members to "Lead with Better Questions."   This year's presentations provide us with ample opportunities to explore the potential for thinking together, learning together, and working together.   

Jim Albaugh, CEO and President of The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company
will get our thinking off the ground with an opening keynote on Friday night, aptly titled "Leading with Better Questions."   Brigadier General Timothy Trainor, Dean of West Point will follow on Saturday morning with a session titled, "Building a Generation of Leaders Who Embrace Creativity and Innovation."   Later that day, Barnet Bain, Hollywood Producer and Director (the "Tao of Hollywood"), will share insights on "Ultra-Creativity."  Debra Lewis and Doug Adams, both retired US Army officers (and members of the West Point class of 1980), will close on Sunday morning with lessons about "What REALLY Helps?" from their recently completed 18,000+ mile, year-long, 50-state "Duty, Honor, America" bicycle and RV tour of the US.  In between, we'll be provoked on topics ranging from Global Citizenship to Family Life to Exercising Judgement with Pauline Arneberg, Kris Bergstrom, Fazel Hayati, Lucie Newcomb, Graham Rawlinson, Beth Thompson, and Ilene Val-Essen.  And, let us not forget a rattling evening of taiko on Saturday night with musical guest, On Ensemble.

As always, we have scheduled a wide variety of Pre- and Post-Conference seminars and workshops, a record 22 in all, and all, but one (with a $40 material fee) offered free of charge to attend, on topics ranging from Deming's Ideas in the 21st Century to From Flexible Bodies to Flexible Minds to Cause(s) of Confusion: Beyond Root Cause Analysis to Mindful Leadership: Strategies for Change Resilience & Wisdom at Work and What We're Learning About the Brain and Why It Matters set 2 days ahead and 2 days after our weekend Conference, making for 6 days of mental and physical provocations.   All for an investment of your time, energy, and $350 until March 8th, when the weekend Conference fee increases to $400.   No matter what sessions you decide to attend, please register using the link above.   



Our 2012 Forum at a Day-by-Day Glance...   

Monday, April 23rd & Tuesday, April 24th - Post-Conference Sessions



Contact us by e-mail with any

 questions you may have about our 2012 Forum.

In2:InThinking Network | P.O. Box 9384 | Canoga Park | CA | 91309