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Which Movie, Actor, Gown is the Best?

Even if you didn't catch any of the Oscars last night, you are undoubtedly aware that one movie was named the best, along with one actor, one costume designer, and so on in several other categories.  Only ONE of each was named "the best," and recognized with an Oscar in 2010.  A recent NPR story points out that what has been honored as the "best" may not be.  For example, the musical Oliver! won best picture in 1968 over 2001: A Space Odyssey, although many disagree.

How about who was "best and worst dressed" at the show?  One of many online polls has named one person for each.  Is it possible to have a single definition for "best or worst dressed"?  Just as men and women frequently define a "good movie" differently, the meaning of "the best" depends on the context.

How different are the organizations we are all a part of?  Have you ever been asked to find the best solution to a problem?  Is this possible without knowing use, cost, impacts and a host of other criteria?  How often are we able to communicate this criteria to others?  How are we able to create better solutions as we focus on being "the best" individually without consideration for what we contribute together.  InThinking can help.

If your interest in exploring the limitless implications of contextual awareness is in better solutions in local government or national government, or in the private sector of organizations, including restaurants, we invite you to join us at the In2:InThinking Network 2010 Forum in Los Angeles, California on April 15th through 20th.  Come join your colleagues who are working to improve the teamwork in our organizations.   This year, our focus is "Juggling Roles, Goals, and Context...In2 Harmony" something you are undoubtedly aware of as you strive to be "the best" at work, at home, and anywhere else. 

For reservations or more information, visit or e-mail our Registration Team at  The last day for early registration discount is March 25th, for a $50 discount off of our $400 registration fee.

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