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Does One Flavor Fit All?
While many organizations strive to achieve one part, one size, or one solution for a myriad of customers or applications, we find many circumstances to contradict this conformist thinking, as we realize context matters.  It's evident that variation present in the product, customer, and environment plays a determining role in product quality.  A recent article from National Public Radio highlights the importance of context as an immigrant from India has difficulty finding compatibility between his stomach and fast food from the streets of India, having over time become accustomed to his American environment.  A flavor that once appetized this customer no longer "fits" in his system due to a change in interface.  While the food in India can't meet the requirements of American tourists; once adapted, varied, for an American stomach, the same "flavor" is thriving in the Bay Area.  So, when asking the question "Does One Flavor Fit All?" we see over time that one flavor may not fit even the same customer and can only draw one sensible answer:  "It depends."

If your interest in exploring the limitless implications of contextual awareness is in better solutions in local government or national government, or in the private sector of organizations, including restaurants, we invite you to join us at the In2:InThinking Network 2010 Forum in Los Angeles, California on April 15th through 20th.  This year, our timely focus will be "Juggling Roles, Goals, and Context...In2 Harmony."

For reservations or more information, visit or e-mail our Registration Team at  The last day for early registration discount is March 25th, for a $50 discount off of our $400 registration fee.

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