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Dear Bill,

With many well known institutions being challenged on a daily basis, we're sure you are asking yourself what you can do differently now, to thrive, or just to survive.  Each year we welcome a community of leaders who together come to learn, understand, and to discover; and leave rejuvenated to bring a better world through better thinking. Whether you are a one-time or seven-time attendee, our Forum Team is delighted to announce that registration is now open for our Eighth Annual Forum, titled ...OurSpace - Bringing Progress In2 View  

As with each of our Forums, we invite you to...   
  • REFLECT on personal growth gained from previous year's Forums
  • BRING TO AWARENESS insights to personal growth and blind spots
  • ENTERTAIN and CHOOSE better approaches at work and in life
  • GAIN NEW AND DIFFERENT perspectives and enjoy diversity of opinion
  • LEARN TO GROW an ecosystem of people with the same language for future networking
  • CONNECT TO a network of folks you can use as a sounding board for the rest of the year
Please consider investing a few minutes of your time at our 2009 Forum website and considering what you will experience in our Forum, we hope you register to join with us in April.  In addition, visit our 2008 Forum photo gallery to be reminded of the joy in learning and thinking you'll experience by joining us this year as well.
In2:IN 2009 Forum Team

In2:InThinking Network 2009 Forum
...OurSpace - Bringing Progress In2 View
In2:InThinking Network
Each month, we join with Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's Enterprise Thinking Network to invite you to participate in a conference call with esteemed Thought Leaders and meet them mind-to-mind.  Once a year, we invite you to meet such Thought Leaders and fellow InThinkers; and meet them both mind-to-mind and face-to-face. Soon, it will be time to convene in Los Angeles.

Through our planning efforts, we selected a Forum theme which is inspired by the efforts of our members to engage in thinking transformations. This year we celebrate the ability of our members to continue to transform their respective organizations from a prevailing world view of "My Space" to an ever-needed view of "OurSpace."
This year's presentations provide us with ample opportunities to explore the potential for thinking together, learning together, and working together. Barry Bebb will get our thinking off the ground with his opening keynote to remind us that "Real Progress Requires a Real Transformation."  Joel & Michelle Levey will close with a focus on "mastery, mystery, and mindful leadership."  In between, we'll be provoked by Kathy AllenAdrian Bass, Juan Garza, Steve Haines, Tracy Huston, Natalia Mironova, Sheldon Rovin, Peter Stonefield, and Elizabeth Topp.  And, let us not forget a wonderful evening with our musical guests, The Steve Davidson Group.

As always, we have scheduled a wide variety of pre- and post-conference seminars and workshops, on topics ranging from Complexity and Program Management to Get In2:Yoga to Psychosynthesis, set two days ahead and two days after the weekend conference, making for six days of mental and physical provocations, designed to maximize transformation so that our future will not just be survival, but thriving.  All for an investment of your time, energy, and $400, with a $50 discount for registrations received before Friday, April 10th. 

2009 Forum at a Day-by-Day Glance... 

Monday, April 27st & Tuesday, April 28th - Post-Conference Seminars and Workshops

Contact us by email with any questions you may have about our 2009 Forum.
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