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With the range of problems in our global economy and seeming disparate values and positions taken by nations, political entities and others, would you agree that we may be in a paradigm crisis
If this is the case, how would we know?  
Richard B. Heydinger from the University of Minnesota suggests some indicators that help identify such paradigm crisis:
1. Increased arguments about seeing and doing.
2. Extensive reports and data on failures.
3. Dissatisfaction and contusion amongst practitioners.
4. Performance deterioration altering the political order.
5. Increased search for alternative approaches.
6. Small events lead to crises.
7. Increased dynamism within the system.
Would anyone doubt indications of these happening in our societies?  What if a different way-of-thinking, a different paradigm represents is already here and we just don't understand it? 
One indicator would be that some people are doing things that to some make perfect sense, but others cannot understand. 
Is this what we are observing in our current political dialogue?

For those who would like to gain awareness and understanding of the emergent paradigms, we invite you to join with peers who are making a difference by attending our 2009 Forum at the Hilton Woodland Hills in Los Angeles, California on April 23rd through 28th as we continue to explore the integration of "better thinking about thinking" into our actions and teamwork.

For reservations or more information, visit or email our Registration Team at    In a time frame of economic crisis, we are proud to be able to partner with our attendees and presenters and offer a 6-day package for $350, a fee which includes most meals, plus 14 pre- and post-conference seminars and workshops at no additional cost.   The last day for our early registration discount of $50 is April 10th, at which point our registration fee increases to $400.

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