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On April 16th, 2009, cartoonist Scott Adams will celebrate 20 years of documenting the daily travails of his alter-ego, Dilbert, along with co-workers such as Dogbert and Ratbert, the evil HR director.  For those unfamiliar with Dilbert-land and it's maze of cubicles and stressed employees, Dr. Deming had another phrase for it - the prevailing style of management.

For those who would like to focus their energies on the possibilities of teamwork, and not the all-too-easy humor of Scott's creations, we invite you to join with peers who are making a difference by attending our 2009 Forum at the Hilton Woodland Hills in Los Angeles, California on April 23rd through 28th as we continue to explore the integration of "better thinking about thinking" into our actions and teamwork.

For reservations or more information, visit or email our Registration Team at  The last day for our early registration discount of $50 is April 10th.

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