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On a daily basis, international economic news serves to remind us of our connectedness.  Sadly, there is no end in sight to the staggering levels of job losses.  While variation in severity does exist, politicians around the world, from Prime Minister Gordon Brown to President Barack Obama, have been challenged to bring forth solutions.  But, in the sage wisdom of Albert Einstein, are these localized solutions from the same world view that created the problems?   If so, will we be able to solve our problems?

On March 7th, London Times columnist Matthew Parris challenged Gordon Brown and all British politicians to ("Put away your mops and buckets - and lead us") move past traditional "problem-solving programme" efforts and their short-term solutions, for they "overlooked the fact that, internationally, Mr Brown is not in charge."  Added Parris, "In times like these, somebody has to take a view. We are looking for a leadership dominated by a human mind, a unifying set of ideas, and the beat of a human heart."

Is such narrowly focused problem solving unique to British politicians, or are such non-Enterprise Thinking solutions par for the course for the majority of management teams who govern the allocation of resources?

If your interest is in better solutions in local government or national government, or in the private sector of organizations, we invite you to join us at the 2009 In2:InThinking Forum at the Hilton Woodland Hills in Los Angeles, California on April 23rd through 28th as we continue to explore the integration of "better thinking about thinking" into our actions and teamwork. 

For reservations or more information, visit or email our Registration Team at  Last day for early registration discount is April 10th.

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