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On February 24, 2009, Sara Goodman of Greenwire reported in the New York Times that the United States Supreme Court will soon decide if manufacturers and/or suppliers of hazardous substances may be held liable for the cost of a Superfund cleanup at a distribution plant near Bakersfield, California.
The issue of deciding who holds responsibility, and how much is constantly repeated in business.  For those of us who are invested and interested in Enterprise Thinking, the thoughts behind the decisions are important.

Can we identify all the contributors, and exactly how much they impact the cleanup?  Does the teamwork and collaboration, and subsequent apportionment, seen in this case leave businesses and/or individuals vulnerable or empowered, a liability or an asset?   
If your interest is the global environment or your organizational environment, we invite you to join us at the 2009 In2:InThinking Forum at the Hilton Woodland Hills in Los Angeles, California on April 23 rd through 28th as we continue to discuss and explore the integration of "better thinking about thinking" into our actions and teamwork. 

For reservations or more information, visit www.in2in.org or email our Registration Team at registrar@in2in.org.

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